Photo Phriday: What the Frog? Or Mouse… or rat… or human…

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Today’s Photo Phriday gem is brought to you by my colleague at Dark Water Fowl, “Amoanda” (nickname courtesy of a misspelled birthday “cake wreck,” not a reference to any sort of sounds she may or may not make).

Amoanda was on the interwebs this morning and noticed an “interesting” ad from the Goggle.


I don’t want to know why the average person would need human, mouse and rat DNA – whether it’s methylated or not.  Before long we may even see DNA infomercials and ASOTV pitches!  I can see it now… “But wait, there’s more!  Buy rat DNA today, and get a special offer on monkey DNA!”

Happy weekend, dear reader(s)!


What Gives?

October 26, 2010 at 9:33 am | Posted in Pregnancy Fun Time | 7 Comments
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Dear Factinis,

I look forward to your witty musings five days a week, but lately you’ve left me unsatisfied and alone. Did you quit me? Are you no longer serving tangy factinis and tasty factomelettes? Did the unthinkable happen and “the goggle” finally get you? Was it Tom Cruise? I bet it was Tom Cruise. Sly little man…

But seriously: what gives?

~ Putting the “one” in Lonely


Dear Lonely,

Sneaky Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has nothing to do with our negligent blogging (allegedly)...

Woah woah woah – it’s true that we’ve been negligent, horrible bloggers lately, but we promise that Tom Cruise had nothing to do with it (allegedly), the goggle hasn’t broken us (yet) and we don’t even wish we could quit you. Admittedly, service has been a little slow in the Factinis & Factomelettes Café these days, but we’re still here and love servin’ up all the everyday nonsense we can find for you, our dear reader(s).

It’s just that lately (prepare for a pity party in 3… 2… 1…) we have both been completely overworked and over-stressed and over-tired and, well, you get the picture. Between jobs, getting married and creating life, we’re overwhelmed! But we are not, I repeat: not, giving up on Factinis & Factomelettes. And we will re-prioritize our To Dos. Eventually. Until then, we promise to be (slightly) more attentive to your humor needs in the course of our over-booked days.

And feel free to send any ridiculousness you encounter our way – we love commenting on (cough cough judging cough cough) all manner of lunacy!

~ F&F 4Eva Eva

Gmail: Helpful or Creepy?

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I’m a relatively new Gmail user, so I’m still trying to figure out how best to use the service. I’ve missed emails because Gmail bundles related messages together, and I’ve had to phone a friend to get help setting priority levels. But after a couple of months, I thought I was doing ok.

Then I hit “send” without attaching some files that needed to accompany my message. And Gmail reminded me to attach my files. At first glance that might seem like a good thing. Gmail saved me from having to send an embarrassing “Oops, forgot to include those documents you needed, here they are!” email. But how did Gmail know I meant to attach anything? It read my email. Creepy, right?

And then I realized Gmail always reads my email. And after reading my oh-so-titillating communications, it suggests links I might like to check out. For example, when I was trying to find new car insurance, Gmail recommended various insurance companies. Slightly creepy, but also kind of helpful.

I’m not sure how I feel about Gmail reading my emails and using the knowledge to be helpful. On the one hand, you could argue that it’s a pretty cool technological advancement for an email service to remind you to include attachments and help you find information you needed. But…

Gmail is a service of the goggle. And we all know how Sarah and I feel about the google! And here’s how I know the goggle is just messing with me now: This morning Gmail suggested I check out 101 Spam Recipes.


Happy Friday!

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Please turn the volume waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up when viewing this video.
And we promise it is totally office appropriate!

(N.B.: charges a $60 fee for videos and, since that’s the EXACT amount of dough Google is withholding from us, and we’re poor, we can’t pay for this service. SO… if you want to hear the Aflac ducks quack, listen to them here: )

Famous or Infamous? Either Way, They’re After Us!

January 20, 2010 at 9:54 am | Posted in Famous! | 2 Comments
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As Factinis & Factomelettes fan and commenter Danny (and blogger on his family’s cute site: The Squibix Family Blog) declared on yesterday’s blog, it seems we have offended some powerful, sinister figures. And thanks to my co-blogger’s open declaration against the search-engine-that-shall-not-be-named-but-rhymes-with-frugal, the media is taking notice! Witness the scene as we were leaving MoCo Village after work yesterday:

They claim the camera crews were there to cover the results of MA’s historic election, but we know better – we’ve been to the Longhorn, we know the drill. Good thing we snuck around the side streets and avoided all those prying journalists.

This morning we hoped that news of the election would deflect attention away from yours truly, but to no avail. Once again, we were greeted by camera crews as we neared our office, and once again we rerouted ourselves to avoid their prying lenses:

It isn’t easy to out-smart paparazzi and story-hungry news crews, but we had the smarts to yell: “Is that Scott Brown entering the Park Plaza Hotel?” and make our getaway!

Fingers crossed for our commute home! And this time, maybe we’ll get our hands on those lasers. WINK!


It’s On, Google!

January 19, 2010 at 12:11 pm | Posted in Famous! | 3 Comments
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You may have noticed there are no ads on this site anymore. You see, Sarah and I got paid a miniscule sum each time a reader clicked on an ad. We’re not supposed to talk about it, but we got kicked out anyway, so the secret is out. Apparently we were making too much money, so Google kicked us out of the program. And it won’t even give us the money we earned because we hadn’t made our first $100 yet.

So Sarah is appealing. But as the saying goes, I don’t get mad, I get even. And I’m fighting back. Google, you are dead to me. Until you allow me to earn money by pimping out my blog to your advertisers, I will no longer use your search engine. Bing, you better not disappoint me. You’re on notice, Yahoo! And don’t even get me started on Google News. Because I can’t talk about something that doesn’t exist.

To give you a window into our struggle, this is how our afternoon went:

4:00 p.m.: Official Google strike called when April realizes not only is Google witholding their money, but it stole their award. It’s on Google. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

4:04 p.m.: Just realized we spent the first four minutes of our Google strike discussing Google. This does not bode well.

4:08 p.m.: Still talking about Google.

4:12 p.m.: Sarah envisions Lifetime movie chronicling our struggle. Meryl Streep will star as Sarah. April will have to play herself. Kiefer Sutherland will play Mike.

Do stay tuned…

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