Sketchy vs. Scheduled: Sarah’s New Commute

May 17, 2010 at 8:25 am | Posted in Around Boston | 7 Comments
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April has moved on and it is time I tried to do the same. No, I’m not moving to another state – this is far more drastic: I’m experimenting with new commutes. The Commuter Rail was just too expensive and restrictive. 

It’s all, like: be here at X time or it’ll take you three hours to get home on the next train, and while you’re here, give me all your money.  

And I’m all, like: you rip me off and are never on time anyway, so give me back my future children’s college savings and let me commute when I wanna commute! 

Okay, that’s not at all what the conversation would sound like (if we could have one), but you get the idea. Whoodles… 

My latest commuting adventures involve driving from Chez Gerrowski to Wellington T station in Medford, Mass., then hopping on the Orange line to Chinatown and walking the mile to my office. So far I have identified the following benefits of this route: 

  • Savings: by purchasing a standard subway pass instead of a commuter rail pass I save about $90 per month. The parking is $20 more expensive per month the new way, and I spend a lot more on gas and mileage, but in the end I still come out saving something (and every little bit counts).
  • Flexibility: I no longer have to dash out of my office mid-sentence at the end of each day to try to get home at a reasonable hour, and I can stay in town to meet friends after work more frequently. That makes this gal (slightly) less frazzled – a plus for everyone!
  • Musicality: Well, perhaps we should just say “Noise Opportunities”… All the added time in the car means I can belt out my favorite tunes for extended periods of time (and closed windows mean no one has to hear the racket). It also means I get a more robust morning NPR news fix, so we can add “smarter” to the benefits, too.

Despite these pluses, I have vowed to always present the full story to you, our dear reader(s), and so it behooves me to share some of the less positive aspects of my new commuting adventure, too.  

For example: on a good day, this new commute takes the same amount of time as the old one. On a bad day (cough cough traffic cough cough), it can take a lot longer. A LOT longer. 

Another negative: on my way to the subway after work, I realized that my walk took me through what my boss-man affectionately calls “the combat zone.” Here’s a taste of the day’s route: 

To boldy go where no commuter should have gone before... A place without tour buses, two "gentlemen's clubs" and hollow sidewalks, oh my!

Needless to say, I’m taking different streets to the T station these days and praying it gets a little less sketchy! Stay tuned… and maybe say a little prayer to the commuting gods on my behalf! 



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