Kevin James Used My Toilet

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Author’s note: We have a policy of not blogging about work, but in light of recent events, we feel an exception should be made. No clients were hurt in the writing of this post.

Kevin James used my toilet. And by “my” I mean my office’s, but sometimes I use it, too, so really, we’ve shared the same potty. And this isn’t like in The Goonies when Chunk says Michael Jackson used his bathroom (remember The Goonies? Do ya? You do. I know it. Everyone loves The Goonies.). This really happened. Tuesday night our humble hive was turned into a TGI Fridays as part of the set of The Zookeeper, starring Kevin James.

Schmargaret had to stay at work overnight (sacre bleu!) Because the film people needed access to our lighting and there is no way we were going to trust “those Hollywood types” with our keys. They might have made unauthorized copies or used the google to look up how paper is made. And we can’t have that. So Schmargaret took one for the team (and a vacay day on Wednesday!).

As the three of us left the office more or less at quittin’ time Tuesday evening, she yelled to some random set guy, “Call me!” To which he shrugged and said, “okay.” Then she realized he wasn’t Joe, the guy who was to call her when he needed her back at the office. And that is how Schmargaret tried to pick up a movie guy.

But back to the important part, Schmargaret kept Sarah and I up-to-date on the goings on of our visitors. Apparently they use the loo a lot. And a man in a tree asked Schmargaret how her chicken was (she was broiling some defrosted breasts at 2am). Also, craft services (“crafty” to those in the know, according to a friend in the biz) was temporarily located in our kitchen. But then it moved to the far end of the parking lot across the street. So no leftovers for us.

And at 8:30 am, this is what the outside of our office looked like.

The Morning After…

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After the movie folks leave, it’s not that glamorous…

Update: TGI Friday’s Invades Our Building…

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I’ll take one press release and one hamburger, please!

Our office went from this:

To this:

This is Not a Drill!

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Factini: Kevin James, Rosario Dawson and Adam Sandler are coming to OUR OFFICE! That’s right, apparently MoCo Village is the new Hollywood East. They will be filming the movie, “Zookeeper,” and, apparently, something about our office reminds these showbiz types of a TGI Fridays, because that’s what they’re pretending this building is.

Must be all the flair April and I put up…
I hope they touch my stuff!!!


P.S. Stay tuned for more photos!

Warning: TC’s in Town

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We have it on good authority that the Tom Cruise (actor, not motorized scooter inventor) is trying to get close to us. Either he has discovered our adorable little habit of blaming him for snarky remarks, or he has heard tell of our talent and wants to indoctrinate us so we use our skills for good (aka Xenu) instead of evil (aka Jewish G-d and Jesus, silly blogging and shenanigans, as applicable).

Although I will admit to some hesitance in posting this blog due to the sensitive nature of these accusations, my dear co-blogger made an excellent point: by posting this you will all know who to blame should some unfortunate “accident” befall us.

So, how do we know that TC is coming for us? Let’s examine the evidence…

1) He is filming a movie in MA. Not California, not someplace beautiful or tropical. He is in MA – and not even parts like the Vineyard or ACK (that’s Nantucket to you – Schmargaret taught me that). He is filming in Worcester (pronounced by locals as “WUH-stah”). My dad was born there. Then he left – and left the accent behind, too. With all due respect to the City of Seven Hills, it’s no bastion of trendiness.

2) “Maverick” is leaving a trail connecting to us. Case in point: he has been spotted on numerous occasions in my old ‘hood. And no one goes to Davis Square for anything other than to check out my former digs! You aren’t so tricksy after all, eh Tom-Tom?

3) He keeps getting closer and closer to us, both location-wise and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon-wise! For example: one of our let’s-call-her acquaintances (to protect her identity, of course) works part-time at a certain eatery not far from both our office and our commuting center. Mr. Cruise and posse descended upon said restaurant (we won’t tell you which restaurant, but it rhymes with meow-stella) to “eat” (though by all accounts, it was really to get closer to us). Reports indicated that while Katie Holmes appeared robotic – and significantly taller than her date (not that height gives a hoot about love) – Tommy-boy was “intense.” Apparently Suri was cute. Not the point. Focus, dear reader(s).

Ergo, according to the Rule of Three which we may or may not have invented, TC is definitely coming for us! And now everyone knows it! Keep that in mind, Tom Cruise…


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