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August 10, 2010 at 9:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Yesterday my MOH, Rhymes-with-Tzarina, was feeling a little under the weather. Being the kind, caring, thoughtful, considerate (should I keep going with the adjectives or do you get the picture?) gal my momma trained me to be, I checked in with Tzarina periodically throughout the day. Or at least I tried to…

Apparently Hotmail decided my message of concern sounded a lot like spam and prevented me from sending it. I’d like to submit the following screen shot as evidence:

Hotmail says I'm full of junk!

I tried re-writing it dozens of ways: changing the message, capitalizing letters at the beginning of sentences (admittedly I don’t always do that when I’m sending off a quick personal note), and reworking it into actual paragraphs. I tried sending it alone, with the history text, removing my “cultural” words (oy, for example). But Hotmail wouldn’t let me send it and I kept receiving the same message.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the added security. What I don’t appreciate is the nincompoop way they are implementing it. As I struggled for over 30 minutes to send my message to Tzarina (finally having to compose a totally separate email), I received at least five junk mail messages. At least! Each contained terms like Cial1s, Sex Meds or Ro1ex watches. Clearly spam messages. But they made it through without issue.

What about my original communiqué would make the Hotmail gods interpret it as spam? Should I start incorporating terms that made it through the filter in my messages? Would it be awkward to inquire about Tzarina’s health and recommend that she bribe her doctor with a luxury Ro1ex watch so he will prescribe some little blue pills?

I sense mischief afoot. And I don’t approve.



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