Photo Phriday: Of All the Starches in the World…

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Mmm, culinary awkwardness!  Today’s Photo Phriday is compliments of the usually-on-task café in Dark Water Fowl’s office building.  Notice anything odd?

This pairing just ain’t kosher…

How about a nice pilaf?

Of all the starches in the world, why they chose Israeli Cous Cous to pair with pork is beyond me!

Reader’s Mailbag: Kosher Fail

May 3, 2010 at 12:24 pm | Posted in Heebs | Leave a comment
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Dear Sarah,
Erika and I thought you might appreciate this on this lovely Monday morning 🙂
 ~ Sarah and Erika

Yup, that's a Kosher Fail!


Dear Sarah (#1) and Erika,

What a riot!  Thank you for sending this delightfully trayf  image my way.  We adore reader feedback 🙂 We also adore FAIL blog which does, in fact, make us feel better about ourselves daily. 

But I must say, knowing how much my bloggier half loves devouring pig-based foods, and how close she is to practically becoming an honorary member of the Tribe (that’s really the only hang-up in her application… darn her love of bacon!), I can only assume how much false hope this sort of headlines gives to shiksas like her.  It’s almost cruel…

So, congratulations Ray “Bacon”… and thank you, Sarah and Erika, for being such good reader gumshoes!


Sarah (#2)

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