LinkedIn: Join My Professionally Sleazy Network

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By now I’m used to skeezy junk mail.  I’m even getting used to faux twitter accounts.  But LinkedIn has always been a bastion of professionalism (aka the network I use to connect with business associates I don’t necessarily want to “friend” or, who, for their part, don’t necessarily want to “friend” me!  Though I can’t imagine why…).

But lately, even LinkedIn has been getting spammy!  And/or I’m acting all Plastics and totally insulting someone’s “fetch” moniker.

Take, for example, the request I recently received to connect:

Who are you, Mr./Ms. MagicFingers?

Apparently, Mr. (or is it Ms.?!?) MagicFingers thinks we’re friends.  Now, I’m a popular gal – a maven, if I do say so myself – but despite the vast tens of people I know, I generally remember the names of all my friends.  So either I’m getting too popular for my britches, or JD is trying to pull a fast one on me and pretend s/he knows me in order to trade on my blog-celebrity.  Not cool, JD.  Not cool.

But if, in fact, we are friends (and I’ve rudely forgotten about my relationship with Mr./Ms. MagicFingers), then not only have I forgotten about him/her, but I’m also insulting him/her by implying that his/her surname sounds like a ridiculous made-up name that’s probably spam – and sketchy spam, at that.

Either way, teasing out this mystery is far better than engaging in home improvement tasks, so I’ll puzzle it out for a bit longer.


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