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Dear reader(s), 

Because you’ve been so loyal and non-judgmental, I feel the need to warn you about this blog post: I am about to channel my inner old codger – with a twist of activism for flavor (I call it the Shaken Shakin’ Senior Factini). Caveat lurker, and don’t say I didn’t warn you… 

Back in the good ol’ days when I first learned to drive, my parents ensured that I learn a thing or two about road manners, especially appropriate acknowledgment of driving kindness. They taught me that, when changing lanes, for example, I must always signal (and check my mirrors and the road, of course) and then, when a fellow driver grants ample space for the maneuver, I switch lanes and wave to acknowledge their assistance. 

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m one of the few old-fashioned drivers who still use the “wave-thanks.” In fact, I rarely even see anyone recognize drivers in other vehicles with a simple “palm-raise-thanks!” So I’ve decided to start a campaign to bring back etiquette to our roads by officially declaring the start of the “Road Manners Matter” campaign. 

Similar to Oprah’s “No Phone Zone,” I expect every television network to jump on the bandwagon (minivan? Is that what it would be in today’s terms?) and devote their top-rated news programs to discussing this issue. I expect people around the country to sign a pledge to improve their driving manners. And I look forward to seeing the wave-thanks in action daily. 

Gotta love the Masshole Proshop's products!


Am I trying to stifle anyone’s creativity or squelch reasonable angry outbursts? No. I’m a tried and true aggressive Masshole driver, too! When the situation is appropriate, I say honk out your feelings; when necessary, flip another driver the bird; and please don’t hesitate to play your radio so loudly that drivers three lanes over feel the vibration.  I would never stand in your way when it comes to loud noises and inappropriate gestures. I’m simply encouraging motorists to recognize the helpful drivers who allow us to quickly change lanes when we don’t realize an exit has gotten that close, or when we think that, in our daily commuting traffic jams, an alternate lane will get us to work so much faster that we absolutely must switch lanes (tell me again why we’re rushing to work?). 

Honk (or should I say wave?) if you’re with me! 


Adios, Aquapocalypse!

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It has been a rough few days in the Boston area.  For those who haven’t heard about “Aquapocalypse,” I’ll summarize it by saying that Bostonians couldn’t use tap water for much of anything, and that makes for a grouchy metropolitan area! 

In addition to trying to kill all imaginable bacteria with copious amounts of Purell (and smelling ethyl-alcohol-tastic), Aquapocalypse meant we couldn’t get our needed coffee fix… In fact, when I arrived at work on Monday morning, this is what greeted me: 

Sometimes we don't "love that dirty water"...


I looked at my colleagues… desperation, depression, exhaustion (kind of like Snow White’s caffeine-deprived dwarves!) and knew something had to be done. RWC and I shook off our catatonic state and made our way to the nearest Starbucks for relief in the form of VIA packets. 

It didn’t look good… the line snaked around the store… terse Bostonians glared at each other… Honestly, I felt like we were in a zombie movie!! Thankfully we were able to snag a couple boxes before they completely ran out, and then ran for our lives with the powdered java! 

And this morning we awoke to wonderful news: the end of Aquapocalypse! So go ahead and wash your hands, brush your teeth and take a big ol’ gulp of tap water! After you flush your pipes, of course… 


So long, Massholes!

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Today officially marks the beginning of the great move back west.  While the hubs and a couple of his buddies load up a U-Haul with more stuff than we could possibly own, I’m driving to New York with the baby and dog.  Road trip!

There’s a lot I’ll miss about Massachusetts — well, more specifically, the North Shore.  There’s also a lot I’m glad to leave behind.  And since I’m most likely driving as you read this, I’ll start with the roads.  Let me first say that Massachusetts’ reputation for horrendous drivers is no mere myth.  They lean on the horn before the light turns green, dodge pedestrians and other traffic as if attempting one of those drunk driving similutation courses, and apparently have never heard of cruise control.  But it might not be completely their fault.  If you’ve ever attempted to navigate the roads out here (and you’re not from around here), then you know the roads are a big part of the problem.  There are no street signs in Boston.  That’s a fact.  You have to know where you’re going to know where you’re going.  And the expressway off- and on-ramps are nonexistent.  One minute you’re veering onto what you assume is a ramp to ease into highway traffic, and before you know it, you have hunks of steel bearing down on you.  And don’t get me started on the potholes — made worse by the Commonwealth’s dry-patch band-aid solution.

You know what else I won’t miss?  The area’s inedible excuse for pizza.  Seriously?  Crushed tomatoes on an oily cracker covered with stringy cheese does not a pizza make.  My mom wants to grill out for our first night back.  I told her I’ve already got a pizza and wings ordered.

But I will pine for the ocean.  Lake Ontario has nothing on the vast expanse of nothingness and everthing that is the Atlantic Ocean.  Mike and I would often drive from our apartment straight up the coast to circle Gloucester and Rockport, periodically pulling over just to watch the waves crash on the rocky shore below.  And the fun we’ve had out on the ocean on friends’ boats…  Some stories can only be fully comprehended by those who were there. 

Which leads me to the many friends we’ve made out here.  Friends who were here for our marriage and the birth of our first child.  Friends we are not saying goodbye to, but merely, “We’ll see you again soon.”

And we will see you again soon!


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