The (un)Civil War’s Final Stand… (We Hope)

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We are totally blown away by our dear readers’ (both old and new) support – your logical, credible and witty comments have brightened our days and we couldn’t ask for more “genteel” e-friends.  And so, it is with this overwhelming appreciation that we post what we hope will be the last entry regarding what we’re affectionately referring to as CW2 (Civil War II). Why not end it with April’s last post, you may ask? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to you. 

It has come to our attention that throngs of our reader(s) decided to voice their displeasure directly on our apparent-nemesis’ blog – an appropriate venue, if we do say so ourselves. Unfortunately, if you have visited his website recently, you’ll note that Mod/Valso/whatever other name he chooses to hide behind has actively chosen not to post ANY of your comments. And that’s just not right. Here’s his latest missive: 


(Warning – I’m heading getting on my soapbox) Blogs are about dialogue, discussion, and even the occasional conflict (but not too often – you know it sends me into a tizzy). If we didn’t want any response or reaction, we – and I’m including Mod/Valso in this – could simply write our musings in journals and hide them under our beds. 

And so, dear reader(s), if there are other messages you want to get out, messages that were censored when you tried to post them, NOW is the time to do it, and this is the place. 

Bring on the catharsis! 

And then we can move on to our regularly scheduled silly observations!! 

~ Sarah 

The (un)Civil War Continues

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In case you missed it, yesterday Sarah posted a picture of what we later learned are Azalea Trail Maids at the Mobile airport. And she unwittingly ignited a firestorm. We were quite surprised by the flurry of comments, especially the nasty ones from Southerners espousing, but hardly demonstrating, so-called Southern charm.

And honestly, part of what surprised us was that was not one of our better posts. Really? Mobilians are inflamed by a Bostonian’s curiosity about women dressed in frilly pastel gowns but not a soul comments when we mock a poster at church?

Hoodles, the feud continues today.  Being the, ahem, snarkier of your faithful bloggers, I wrote my own response to Mobile’s uproar. And I was pretty civil about the situation. But our good buddy over at the Mod Mobilian didn’t exactly take the high road. While his commentary is basically a summary of his many comments to Sarah’s post, his commenters merely demonstrated why many other regions of the country harbor a particular bias against the south.  Feel free to mosey on over there if you’re in the mood for a good laugh (and a good head-scratching).


Wait, The Civil War Didn’t End?

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Sarah and I started this blog about a year ago because Boston is a weird place that provided us with daily laughs.  We thought there might be a handful of people who also found our stories humorous.  We also both needed a creative outlet to counteract the more formal writing required of our careers. 

I’ve found this whole web blogging experience to be enjoyable, especially when like-minded fans of the Interwebs add their own commentary to our observations.  I’ve learned a lot from my dear reader(s), like that there are people out there who hate the word “panties” and that a mysterious golden retriever statue in Connecticut may actually be hiding Sanjay, which is good to know because I was wondering what happened to him.

I also learned that not everyone grasps the concept of humor.   I received a call  from my bloggier half last night during which time it quickly became apparent that she was in a state that can only be described as a tizzy (unless I were to use adult language on this blog, in which case I’d describe her emotional state as something much more colorful).  Sarah was quite upset because some alleged doctor had taken her to task not once but three times for what he perceived to be a slam against the virtues of the Southern lady.  He even went so far as to call her “a superficial, conceited bitch.”  My dear friend was quite upset about that last bit, being that I  am the one typically being called a bitch.  

As I read through the comments this morning, I learned something else.  Some Southerners seem to have a chip on their shoulders when it comes to Northerners’ perceptions.  So what if some Bostonian you don’t know thought the Azalea Trail Maids are funny?  Man up, Buttercup.   They are  funny.  Just like it is hysterical that grown men and women hang around the Freedom Trail dressed like colonists.  Some Southern female I don’t know, and frankly don’t care to know, thinks Bostonians have a crass sense of humor.  I happen to think there are some very funny people in the Hub.  Let’s just agree to disagree.  You see, that’s what makes America such a wondrous country.  We are free to disagree.  Unless you’re a Communist.  Then you better shut the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks up.


Welcome to Alabama, Y’all

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A few weeks ago my hubs-to-be and I traveled to Mobile, Alabama for a friend’s wedding. (You can tell how much we adore said friend because we voluntarily went to the miserably hot South in July, and you know how well I do in the heat). Whoodles, I packed the same way I would for a normal summer weekend/wedding getaway: shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit, little black dress, “going out” clothes, etc.  

The stylin' ladies of Mobile, Alabama!


But as soon as we arrived at the Mobile airport and saw the locals, I realized the error of my ways.  

I did not pack anything like this pastel-perfection (complete with parasol). I don’t even OWN anything like this! So I turned to some of my most trusted advisors for an explanation…  

  • My bloggier half asserted that they must be preparing to stand atop a gigantic Barbie Cake.
  • My super-stylish mom told me she hoped the *ahem* gowns came in black or dark grey so she could sport one come 10/10/10 – after all, pastels don’t really mesh well with my wedding color scheme.  She also decided to skip the umbrella (no need to show off, after all), and justified this extravagant purchase by saying she can wear this “unique” outfit to a number of functions this year…
  • My fab future mom-in-law is using this as a threat for her high school daughter: Behave or this will be your prom dress next year!
  • My MOH, Rhymes with Tzarina, told me I’d need more help explaining this “style” than she could provide, and implored me to turn to you, dear reader(s), for insight.


What’s your explanation?  


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