The Pregnancy Inquisition, Part Deux

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In my last post regarding procreation pressure (like that alliteration?), I lamented the awkwardness of having my friends, colleagues and loved ones harass me about my reproductive status, and received some great tips and feedback from you, dear reader(s).  Well, today I’d like to expand upon this topic and bring every retail establishment that sells anything related to children into the mix.

Mind Your Own Bees wax

Mind your own... (Photo from Beyond The Hive)

Have you seen the story in the New York Times by Charles Duhigg about how Target knew a teenager was pregnant before her own father did?  It’s both fascinating and creepy, and, apparently, happening every day, much to my annoyance.  The gist of the article is that, based on just a smidge of demographic information and the things you buy, even things that don’t seem like obvious signs at first glance (fragrance-free lotion, cotton balls and hand sanitizer, for example, indicate you’re about to pop out a tiny human), retailers can virtually predict major life events like pregnancy.

Lucky for me (ha!), it seems I’ve found myself on the list of “probably preggers, so shamelessly market baby-related products to her” distribution list.  From emails (cough cough Target cough cough) to catalogs (Pottery Barn Kids, I’m talking to you!), coupons (Babies “R” Us, back off!) to advice (no, I don’t need to purchase X, Y or Z to prepare for my inevitable parental cluelessness), I’m being bombarded on a daily basis with baby-related information and savings (but at least it’s helping the post office stay afloat).

I’ll say it again: I’m NOT pregnant.  Yes, I’ve been happily married for over a year, am in my thirties and recently bought a home, but I am not “with child.”

I am, however, thinking about how this must feel to women experiencing fertility struggles.  These retailers don’t know what our reproductive status is – they don’t have a clue about whether we find these communications exciting or a difficult reminder of a very sensitive, very personal issue.  I understand the need to make money, to attract customers at this time in their lives; I even respect the power of the statistics nerd!  (Seriously, all hail the nerds of the world!)  But for goodness sake, please back off.  Or at least hide your intentions a little better so we can assume it’s just a coincidence that diapers are on sale… again…

I’ll procreate when I’m good and ready,

Is the Grass Always Greener?‏

March 16, 2011 at 8:55 am | Posted in Around Boston, Office Humor | 6 Comments
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A note to our dear reader(s): it might be best to cue up some sappy, grandiose background music before reading any further… might I suggest “My Heart Will Go On” by our French Canadian friend, Celine Dion? Or maybe a little Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You” action? Trust me – the cheesier, the better. Here goes…

Is change going to do me good? Could variety be the spice of my life? Am I mad as a hatter or is there a method to my madness? And is there another idiomatic question I should be asking myself? I’m about to find out. After six years as a happy resident of MoCo Village, I’m venturing into the wider world and will soon begin a new job at a super cool, delightfully nerdy, cutting-edge software company. Woah!

I hope this image from proves true!

In preparation, I’m doing my darndest to “get” the new technology that will encompass my professional life. I’m trying to read about the history and intellectual property caveats of topics like open source software, and my goal is to be able to make geeky jokes that even the most pocket-protectored developer would be proud of.

It’s exciting and invigorating and scary and nerve-wracking. And it is just one of many changes Andrew and I are forcing ourselves into this year – marriage, moving this summer (no exact destination yet), Andrew’s new job (he started last week after five years at his last gig), etc. And if you’ve met us, you know how much we love shaking up our lives!

(If you haven’t met us, I will just spell it out for you: we don’t dig change. At all. I mean, it took us four years to shack up, six years to get hitched, and we will have to discuss the merits of getting a dog for about two years before we pull the trigger on that little adventure. Stability is our jam.)

But here I go, taking the plunge. Next week is my “swan song” at MoCo, and the week after I will begin my new adventure. Time to “get all my ducks in a row” and do this job FTW!


Secret Crush Revealed

December 2, 2010 at 12:24 pm | Posted in Famous! | 3 Comments
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Last weekend I attended Andrew’s high school reunion. He got to catch up with friends, relive the good ol’ days and cavort with long-lost buddies like he was a teenager again, while I got to hang with the significant others/designated drivers/trophy dates for five plus hours (which was actually more fun than it sounds – despite the fact that we were stone cold sober).

I didn’t expect the evening to be extraordinary by any stretch. And yet, for some reason, I chose his reunion to reveal my super secret crush to a table full of strangers. And since I’ve already outed myself to people I may not see again until the 20 year reunion (if we’re lucky enough to hang on to our s.o.’s for another decade), I figure it is only fair to you, dear reader(s), to share the naked truth with you, too:

Love may be blind, but it is NOT deaf!

I have a (formerly secret) crush on Kai Ryssdal. There. I said it. I get all (intellectually) hot and bothered by the host of American Public Media’s “Marketplace.” Seriously, Mr. Ryssdal is my cool drink of water. I’m a smitten kitten.  Hello schoolgirl crush!

And here’s the kicker: I’m so enamored of his voice, his charm, his wit (scripted or otherwise… admittedly “Marketplace” has great writers) that I have refused the urge to look up a photo of him. I don’t have any idea what he looks like… And dare I say it? I don’t care!

I’m recently married and head over heels in love with Andrew – and nothing could change that. But for some reason, Kai makes me swoon… When he “does the numbers” I get weak in the knees. I’m not usually a financially nerdy gal, but every weekday at 6:30 p.m…. well, let’s just say my commute gets a little brighter.

Don’t you judge me! I know you all have secret bizarro crushes, too.  We already know about April’s hubby’s crush.  What’s yours?


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