Love The One You’re With… Even If It’s A Different Color Than You Expected

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My hubs is obsessed with all things New York.  Especially evil sports teams.  Ptoo, ptoo.  So when we were picking paint colors for our new construction site, errrr, I mean house, he may have been swayed by Behr’s creative naming practices.

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT what home improvement is like!

We wanted to paint our bedroom walls gray – with white wood furniture, black bedding and a pop of red accent accessories, we thought it would look really contemporary and cool – so when we stumbled upon “Manhattan Mist,” he was sold!

Did I point out that painting our room the self-professed color of smog might be a bad idea? No.  Because I don’t like to rain on his parades.  And I’m being very careful about picking my battles these days. And because I thought the color was pretty slick, too.

So we painted our room Manhattan Mist, and we were SUPER excited about it!  We knew that once we finished painting, it would be the only room in the whole gourd-forsaken place that would be finished before move-in day!  FTW!

As you can guess, it didn’t work out as planned.  In the afternoon and evening light, our slick gray color looks lavender.  Really, really, unmistakably lavender.  We have purple walls.  Purple!

And we are completely, utterly and unequivocally exhausted.  So, rather than taking the time and effort (neither of which we have enough of) to repaint the rhymes-with-trucking walls, we’re learning to love the lavender.


It Smells Like Boy, But It’s TOTALLY Worth It!

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This weekend, as my bloggier half enjoyed New York, I made a journey of my own to a high school gym in New Haven, CT. It was as hot and dry as an Arizona summer (yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a dry heat, I know – but it’s still unbearable), as crowded and loud as an Ikea grand opening, and it smelled like boy, but I loved it! Why? Because my future brother-in-law, Rhymes-With-Gnarly, WON the New England Wrestling Championship!   


Rhymes-With-Gnarly, consider this your official Factinis & Factomelettes shout-out!! That’s right, I’m serving up a big ol’ factini, shaken, not stirred: Rhymes-With-Gnarly is an inspiration on and off the mats, and those West Point cadets will be lucky to have him among them come June 28, 2010. I’m certainly lucky to count him as family!   


Charlie's Winning Night

Rhymes-With-Gnarly takes first place, chats confidently with reporters, and smiles with his parents.







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