Getting My Geek On!

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I have been called many things over the years, but never a geek.  And until this point in my life, I’ve been okay with that.  In fact (dare I say it?), I’ve even been happy about that.  But here I am, at 30 years old, trying desperately to become geekier.  Why, you ask?  My (now-not-so-new) gig, of course.

I'm gonna need one of these...

In my role as communications ninja, I need to be able to understand the people here.  People who will not be impressed with my obsession with klassy reality TV, or my war stories from wedding planning, or even my silly habit of blaming snarky comments on Tom Cruise.

Basically, I’m way out of my league.  Take, for example, a discussion of “captains.”  These folks can debate which “captain” is best with gusto.  I personally don’t know how you can compare cereal (“Crunch”) with Johnny Depp (“Sparrow”), because they’re both so yummy in very different ways!

But, of course, they mean Kirk v. Picard… Sigh.

So I’m turning to you, dear reader(s), to help me get my geek on!  I’ve been told I should watch Battlestar Galactica and both Star Treks, and even some Doctor Who (anyone have some DVDs I can borrow?).  But what else should I learn?  And is it possible to turn this average dork into a full-fledged geek?


Incognito Blogging Ninja

August 6, 2010 at 8:41 am | Posted in Around Boston | Leave a comment
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Thursday, August 5, 2010…  

I'm a blogging ninja...

As I write this, dear reader(s), I’m doing my best to go undetected. I’m trying to channel my inner ninja, fade into the background, avoid quick movements and eye contact, and stay as noiseless as a goldfish.  

I’m on public transportation, sitting diagonally across from a business contact (on the T that means we are actually facing each other). In the back of my mind I can’t help but picture my colleagues… if they were in my shoes they would strike up some kind of quasi-meaningful conversation… the Sox… the weather… nuclear proliferation… the impending demise of the printed word… But I can’t do it today.   

I know I’m a PR pro, but sometimes I just don’t have it in me to “relate” to the “public.” I’m getting over food poisoning, I’m exhausted, not interested in making small talk, I’ve had a long day at work – gimme a break!  

So I’m sitting here, staring down at my BlackBerry, typing this blog post so I don’t have to raise my eyes and risk opening a line of communication (verbal or otherwise) with said contact. Thank you, dear reader(s), for allowing me to hide out, for enabling my attempted hermit behavior and giving me a reason to look too busy to be interrupted.  

I owe you one!  


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