Restraining Order for a Website?

August 16, 2010 at 11:19 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Speaking of creepy interwebs stuff, I would like to point out the stalkerishness of  I’ve already shared their cheese-free wedding ideas (still gives my bloggier half and my future hubs nightmares), but lately, they’ve been taking things even further, and it’s making me uncomfortable. 

For example, I recently received the following email from their team:

You're getting married? Can I come? Can I join you? Will you invite me?

That’s right, is harassing me about when I’m getting hitched.  No more Mr. Nice Website: it wants to know if October 10, 2010 is still the big day, and it wants to know now.  It’s probably just worried that I won’t send an invitation, that it won’t be an honored guest at our nuptials.  And you know what? right to worry.  I’m not inviting it to our wedding.  And I resent their sneaky information hunt! 

So if this cunning website inquires if you, dear reader(s), know when I’m planning to make an honest man out of Andrew, please don’t share that information.  The last thing we need is a rude website crashing our wedding and getting’ all up in my dance space!     


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