Pregnancy, Part One

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As you know, I’m fairly open about sharing news and life milestones, but for some reason, I felt REALLY awkward telling people about my pregnancy when it was time to share it.  Has any other mom-to-be felt this way?  Am I the only who couldn’t quite figure out a way to let people know?  Or who was content with people eventually figuring out that my belly was more baby than brownies (for a change) without my having to say it out loud?

Let’s just say I wasn’t quick to post ultrasound photos to Facebook… (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”)

But now that my pregnancy is “Facebook official” (thanks, mom!), I can blog about it freely and share my experiences thus far with a bun in my oven (icky expression).  Andrew and I are SO excited to be parents (g-d willing), but as you can imagine, there’s been a fair amount of awkwardness over these past 16 weeks, too.  Here’s a slice of the silly aspects of pregnancy thus far…

In the Dark with Morning Sickness

Because I work at a software company, the ratio of men to women is pretty skewed, so, despite the four stalls, the ladies room often feels like a private potty.  The plus side of that is, mid-first trimester when I spent a fair amount of time hovering over the porcelain throne, I could bank on being alone in there and easily hiding whenever I had to toss my cookies in the office bathroom.

However, this privacy also had a downside.  In an effort to save energy, the bathroom lights are on sensors, and after a few minutes without detecting movement, the lights shut off.  No windows, no night lights – it is pitch black in there when the overheads are off.  I can’t even begin to tell you how awkward it is to be locked in a bathroom stall in absolute darkness, on the verge of ralphing, praying you don’t miss the toilet while trying not to touch anything!

It should have been an event in London – I’d have won Olympic gold!

Most Embarrassing Afternoon Ever

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I’m pretty sure I’m still blushing, even two hours after “the sex incident.”

This is NOT a good day...

A little background: we use Skype at my office, both for instant messaging and for international calls with our team-members around the world.  And because of my job function (PR princess), I’m always signed-in to Skype.

Well, today I was in a meeting with one of our male VPs.  Alone.  In his office.

We were both looking at a document on my computer screen when a pop-up notified me that I had an incoming call from someone named…


Mortified, I quickly clicked ignore, and sheepishly glanced at said more-powerful-than-me-colleague.  We made eye contact and endured a moment of very awkward silence before he said:

“Don’t let me interrupt your plans!”

“No, I… it’s not… I don’t…,” I stuttered.  “I really have NO idea who that is!”

After another awkward pause (that I’m pretty sure was the equivalent of one hour, not the ten seconds the clock said), he laughed genially and we got back to business.  Real business.  I mean looking at the document!  ARGH!  You know what I mean!!


Help! I’m Wearing Jeggings!

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That’s right, it’s casual Friday and this “comfort-over-style” gal is in jeggings.  Why?  Well, I wasn’t planning on it, but sometimes we sacrifice more than we intend to for our jobs, and today was one of those days. 

Even Conan pulls off jeggings better than I do! (photo from NY Daily News)

My colleague, Rhymes-With-Cannon, found herself invited to an impromptu client meeting, but felt she was dressed less than appropriately in skinny jeans and UGGs, so she and I took a trip to the ladies room and swapped pants.  I’m sucking-in and looking silly, and she’s rockin’ my almost-mom jeans (and probably feeling silly).

Emerging from the bathroom, we were met with a round of guffaws from our colleagues at MoCo Village, a chorus of “are you two wearing each other’s clothes AGAIN?” and the knowledge that loafers and snowflake socks were never meant to be paired with these trendy bottoms. 

Happy Friday, folks!

I Quit – Part Deux

November 11, 2010 at 2:49 pm | Posted in Around Boston, Office Humor | 7 Comments
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Today was supposed to be the big day.  I was going to put myself on a pedestal, hop on my high horse, triumphantly enter my office and inform my colleagues (who I may or may not have planned to refer to as “chumps”) that they would no longer have the pleasure of my sparkling wit and enviable companionship.  I was gonna tell them that they could take my “salary” and (mom, please don’t read this part) shove it.  Because I didn’t need them anymore!  I’d make some noise, flip some birds and burn some bridges.


Yeah... It's gonna be like that...

You see, I was planning to win the lottery last night.  Tzarina and I had it all figured out.  But like so many of our best-laid plans, something went horribly wrong.


Tzarina told me that, from where she stood in the future (aka being in Japan where she’s a day ahead of me), she was certain the winning PowerBall number had an 8 in it.  So I bought a ticket with the number 8 in it.  And the winning numbers drawn included an 8… just not where I put it, or surrounded by the other numbers I chose.

In other words, I did not win the PowerBall drawing.  And this morning I could not quit my job.  Or mouth off to my colleagues.  Or lay to rest my financial concerns.

I’m depressed and disappointed.  And I’m even poorer than I was yesterday before I bought the PowerBall ticket.  And I intend to blame some idiotic butterfly in Africa for screwing me over.  Jerk.



P.S. A special note to my colleagues reading this post: Just kidding!!  You know I’d never ever leave you… not even for a better paying gig that didn’t include a horrendous commute… He. He. He.  This is awkward…

April & Sarah’s Separation: Day 1, Update 2

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April and I used to joke that we worked with the undead because some of our office mates hate turning lights on. I’m not speaking out of turn – they have heard that phrase used before to describe the MoCo Village Light Wars.  I figure it’s something to do with burning flesh…who knows…

Anyway, April always strong-armed those in her area into using lights despite the pain it apparently caused. Now? While RWC and I continue enjoying our overhead lights, the area my bloggier half used to claim is cloaked in darkness. Just like my heart.

Suffice it to say Day 1 isn’t much fun. More to come later…


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