Time for an Encore?

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The other day, my hubs got this in the mail:

Does that cardigan come in men's sizes?

Does that cardigan come in men’s sizes?

And he was totally baffled…. Why would he, a MAN, have received a coupon for a maternity clothing store?  I, of course, have NO idea.

(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Now that our dear daughter is eight months old (when did that happen?!?), my husband has started his campaign for a second child.  Well, I say “started,” but he actually brought this up for the first time when she was just six days old, and again when she was three months and six months old.  And I feel lucky to have a partner who loves our little one so much he wants another one.


(you knew there was going to be a but!)

I’m not ready!  I want more time for just us three (and our sweet pup, too, of course), my first pregnancy was so hard I’m not sure I’m ready to face doing that again, and geez louise man!  No! 

Like in any disagreement, we’re going to have to find a compromise.  Anyone know how close they are to having men carry children?  Because I’m sure he’d look great in that cardigan. 

Confessions of a New Mom, Part Deux: Mom of the Year

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There is one more important lesson I’ve learned over the past “trimester” which I didn’t include it in Part One because, in my opinion, it’s so important, it deserves its own section.

Say this ALOUD with me:

You are a wonderful mom! 

Even if you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing, or you’re not following every piece of advice to the letter (because let’s face it, there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there, and there’s a lot of advice that’s not “real world friendly,” too), you are a wonderful mom.

True story!

True story!

Nap in bed with your newborn because that’s the only way she’ll sleep?  You’re a wonderful mom (with a well-rested baby)! 

Can’t remember those lullabies and baby songs from your childhood, so you sing ‘80s Monster Ballads to your little one?  You’re a wonderful mom (with a nice set of pipes).  

Using the bottle instead of the breast?  You’re a wonderful mom (with a well-nourished kiddo). 

Body not bouncing back at celebrity-speed because you’re prioritizing your kid over four hours a day in the gym?  You’re a wonderful (and beautiful) mom. 

Break down in sobs when you can’t stop your baby’s tears?  You’re a wonderful (and empathetic) mom. 

Don’t even realize that you’re covered in spit-up when you leave the house?  You’re a wonderful mom (with this season’s hottest new accessory ;)). 

We all do things that make us feel like we’re not “mom of the year,” but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few months, it’s that if you’re doing the best you can for your kid, you ARE mom of the year to that little one.  So keep up the good work!  And go easy on yourself, momma.

* Provided you aren’t endangering or harming your child, of course.  Duh!

Feeling like you're not the best mom in the world?  At least you aren't taking your baby tanning!!  This really happened...

Feeling like you’re not the best mom in the world? At least you aren’t taking your baby tanning!! This really happened…

And Baby Makes Four

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I’ve been sitting on some big news for the past 19 weeks. And I think it’s about time I shared it with you, my loyal reader(s). Drumroll, please. No, seriously, do the drumroll.  I’ll wait…

Mike and I have another little rugrat on the way, due November 15. That’s right, this Thanksgiving we’ll have two under two. Unless this baby is as stubborn as its big brother, in which case I’ll be pregnant well into 2011. And while some people think we’re crazy for having two so close together, Mike and I always enjoy a good adventure. Of course, when Max spends the entire day screaming, ripping up all his books and yanking fistfuls of fur out of the cat I wonder what could possibly have been going through our heads when we thought adding a second little monster to our family was a good idea. And then Max shoves a book in my face and cuddles up against me while I read Curious George for the 40th time that day or he shrieks “DADAAAAAAA” when Mike walks in the door after a gruelling day at work and I know we made the right choice.

But if you want to wish me luck, I’ll take it.


Year One Went By Too Quickly

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I hope you will all forgive a post that is on the serious side… We’ll be back to shenanigans on Monday.

One year ago my little boy was born. And for those of you who are not parents, this post probably seems a little melodramatic. But for those of you who have had the privilege of being called “mom” or “dad,” you know where I’m coming from.

It’s sometimes difficult to reconcile the walking, towheaded little boy — boy, not infant — with the teeny, helpless creature I brought home from Beverly Hospital. That baby took naps on my chest. This kid rips off his bib and tosses it to the floor. That baby did little more than eat, poop and sleep. Max does those things, too, but he also drags books over to me with a huge grin and eats babybel cheese by the fistful.

You’re always warned that kids grow up too fast. I didn’t know that meant that my little man would have almost four teeth at 12 months. Or that he’d only drink from straws before his first birthday. Or that at one year old he’d know when he was doing something naughty — and give me a smirk while doing it anyway.

I want to freeze time and stay just the way we are. Because Mike and I are incredibly blessed. And innocence doesn’t last forever. I know the sweet baby will grow into an obnoxious teenager. I know he’ll turn my hair so gray I’ll need a wig. And I know someday he’ll have his own family and understand exactly what I’m feeling today.

Right now the sun is shining, it’s unseasonably warm in Boston, and I have a birthday present to buy and cupcakes to bake. And I have a lunch date with a little man so handsome it makes my heart melt. Life doesn’t get much better than this. 


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