Like, Bring Back the Quarter Jar

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When I was a teenager, my dad (you know him as RWFOTB… Although now that I’m hitched, I wonder: does he need a new nickname? A question for another time…) was a relatively patient and easy-going parent, with one glaring exception: improper use of the word “like.”

You know what I’m referring to: it’s like, when you, like, use the word like incorrectly. You know, using it as, like, a way to pause mid-sentence (or even, like, mid-phrase) or when it, like, attributes speech to someone.

The Dreaded Quarter Jar...

To put the kibosh on this habit, my dad introduced the dreaded “quarter jar.”  Every time we used “like” improperly, my brother and I (and even some of our friends) had to deposit 25 cents into the jar.  It hurt.  And let me tell you, it helped me shape up really quickly!

A few weeks ago my dad noticed I was slipping, and even though I’m now a happily married lady living under my own roof, he’s threatening to bring the jar back!

In fact, he’s probably, like, having a grammar-fit just reading this post! And he is most definitely adding up my total. Even though I’m, like, just using the phrase in jest.

So I’m going to ask for your help, dear reader(s): if you hear me use that word improperly, call me out.  Use the Cesar Millan noise on me… shake your fist at me… slug me on the arm… find some way to help me rid my speech of inappropriate uses of “like!”  I can’t spend all our honeymoon savings in the dreaded quarter jar!


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