Movin’ On Up!

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Who needs a toilet, anyway?  Or a shower?  Or a sink?  Or faucet? Or even a kitchen?  Not Andrew and I… or so we hope!  On Friday we’re finally moving in to Chez L-ski, and as you can guess, we’re a little behind.  Okay, a lot behind.

Photo by Betsssssy (flickr).

The closets haven’t been painted so we have nowhere to unpack our clothes.  And while the fridge is being delivered on Saturday, the water line isn’t in yet so it can’t be installed.  And even though we ordered a fancy new Toto toilet (I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to flush a small country!), part of it is back-ordered.  Our kitchen sink and faucet, bathroom sink and faucet, even our counter-tops haven’t been delivered.  We don’t have a dining room table or chairs, or enough furniture to fill the place.  I could go on and on.

But I won’t.

Instead I’ll just tell you how excited we are about this new stage in our life (we’re grown-ups!), and how grateful we are to our families for all their help and support (especially Big Charlie of Costanzo Tile & Marble fame).

So here goes nothing…

Time to pray to the moving gods, the shipping gods, and the plumbing and electrician gods.  And any other gods that’ll listen!


New Homeowner Update: Weekend #2

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Thank you for all your support and encouragement.  As requested, here’s an update on the wonderful world of first time homeownership!  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled snark soon…

After a brief home-improvement hiatus, we (and by “we” I mean: Big Charlie of Costanzo Tile & Marble fame, Andrew and I) attacked the house last weekend.  And, I might add, we rocked “demolition couture” (think “Derelict,” but dustier):

The latest in home improvement couture!

Remember that cute little pile of demolished blue bathroom materials?

Our former bathroom

Well, that pile has grown to epic proportions and taken over the garage, swelling with kitchen demolition debris, structures formerly-known-as-walls, ancient flooring and appliances, etc.

Home Renovation: The Good, The Bad and (mostly) The Ugly.

And speaking of the formerly functioning debris, here’s how we got rid of the supporting wall between the kitchen and the dining room…

Please note: Charlie is not in a cage… he’s working between the two temporary “walls” built to support the house while he put the LVLs in the attic.

On a more tranquil note, our yard (which we affectionately refer to as “the jungle”) continues surprising us!  Every week a new type of flora blooms, so we’ve seen lots of gorgeous color since spring!  Last weekend’s floral showcase included white roses and a sea of green vegetation punctuated by flashes of yellow flowers:


Stop and Smell the...

What’s next in the ever-evolving home renovation plan?  Well, this weekend we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day by putting our dads (and my Mo!) to work (again) building a closet, removing more carpet, prepping the walls for painting, etc.  Lucky them?  Rhymes-with-Father-of-the-Bride and Charlie truly deserve a special place in heaven.  Happy (early) Father’s Day!


Finding Our Home Sweet Home

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Well, dear reader(s), Andrew and I have taken yet another step toward the impending doom that is adulthood (Kidding!  Mostly.).  After just a month of house-hunting, we pulled the trigger and are under contract to buy a home in a lovely Boston suburb.  We’re saying goodbye to the days of renting (read: the joy of having someone else plow, garden and perform maintenance) and hello to the days of home ownership (read: the pride of having our own place, and all the fabulosity of back-breaking upkeep and renovations).  Yay!

Buying My First House, A Self Portrait

I’m gonna level with you, folks: buying a home is STRESSFUL!  If you think planning a wedding is the pits, you’ll be even less psyched when the time comes to buy your first home.  Why?  I don’t know.  It makes no sense.  But for some reason, the idea of signing a 30-year mortgage is far scarier than committing to one person for the rest of your life.

I’d like to think that it’s because spending forever with someone so well-suited to me isn’t frightening in the least – that I’ve found my better half and that, just like in the movies, we’re headed for a happily ever after complete with rainbows sparkling over all our picnic dates and puppies who never pee in the house.

But let’s be honest: it’s a numbers game.  I never give “till death do us part” a numerical second thought (probably because I want it to be a long, long, long, long time).  But there’s a BIG number associated with this grown-up step.  Thinking about how much money we’ll be paying over the next three decades frightens the rhymes-with-spit out of me.  Seriously, despite what Patrick Swayze said, mortgages would put Baby in the corner.

All kidding aside, we’re really excited about our first home, and our families are, too.  In fact, they’ve already volunteered to help us begin renovating Chez L-ski after we close on the house Memorial Day Weekend.  I’m not sure they know what they’re in for, but we appreciate their kindness (and potential naiveté).


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