Photo Phriday: FUBO

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Tracy and I were driving around Rochester one day and ended up behind a truck with a handwritten cardboard sign in the rear window. Four letters: FUBO. So many questions. Fortunately, Tracy answered my first one by pointing out that the sign probably should read: “F U BO.” That still left many unanswered questions. Who is Bo? What did Bo do to this woman? Was action requested on my part? Should I be wary of Bo and his (or her) antics? Was this part of a larger Bo-hating movement of which I was unaware? If a warning to and/or about Bo is warranted, why not spend a little more dough and get a magnetic sign for each side of the vehicle?

And since Tracy and I couldn’t stop wondering about this Bo situation, we followed the truck in order to snap a quick photo and see if any of my dear readers can enlighten us.



Don't mess with this lady!


Happy Friday!


PS A very belated congrats to RWFOTB for winning our last Photo Phriday contest! Something amazing is on its way to you! It’s in the mail. I swear.

A Couture Fairy Tale

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Long ago in a kingdom far away, there was a terrible era referred to as The Dark Ages of Big White Dress Anxiety (also known as DABWDA). I’m sure you’ve heard tell of the horrors of the DABWDA era and are thankful to live in our current age of non-scary gowns and excited wedding planning. I know I am! 

Anyway, during DABWDA, an insecure princess named Sarah relied on her trusted friend, Princess Arpil of Rochester, for comfort, reassurance and style advice. HRH Sarah shared her anxiety with HM Arpil and, being a particularly helpful royal, Princess Arps took it upon herself to design the most beautiful gown in all the land for her petrified pal. 

Historians the world over describe the gown’s splendor and designers throughout the ages admit they have never seen – or even been able to imagine – the dress’ equal. And so I’m pleased to announce one of the most important discoveries in our couture-obsessed world: archaeologists* recently stumbled upon Princess Arpil’s original design and we have the honor of revealing it here on Factinis & Factomelettes

Wedding Dress Humor

Princess Arpil's design - couture at its best!


Now if only we could find a seamstress talented enough to recreate this gown for 10/10/10… I guess I’ll just have to settle for the one we already bought 😉 

~ Sarah 

P.S. Aren’t the fingers in this sketch awesome?! 

*In other words, I was cleaning out my desk drawer and stumbled upon this gem of a sketch from before Arpil left Boston

Welcome to the New Jungle

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After what felt like the longest week ever, I finally have Internet again.  And a new laptop!  And of course, what’s the first thing I did?  Why, I logged on to WordPress to provide you, my dear reader(s), with an update on my living situation.

There’s a lot to say about my new digs.  It’s fully carpeted and has a fireplace, which we all love.  And I thought I had left all my crazy neighbors behind.  But I was wrong.

The first night in our place was Friday.  Snarky Love and her fiance not only helped my hubby load up the U-Haul, but they also followed him all the way to Rochester to help us get everything into our new apartment.  Someone cue up “That’s What Friends Are For.”  They claimed it was no big deal and they needed to get out of town anyway, but I think Snarky’s man needed some extra time with mine before their legendary late-night shenanigans, in which I often never took part, became a thing of the past.  So Friday night some of our nearest and dearest came over to toast our return with local brew.  But after a long day of moving, we all called it a night fairly early.  And we kept the volume down throughout the night.  So imagine our surprise — and my indignation — when our next-door neighbor pounded on the bedroom wall as we were all climbing into our respective beds at 12:30.

We neither saw nor heard said neighbor until mid-morning Sunday.  And then the pounding resumed.  At this point, Mike and Max were lazily lounging in bed and I was stepping into the shower.  What could have provoked this person, I wondered?

By Monday evening, many of our friends in this neck of the woods had heard of this grouchy neighbor.  And everyone pointed out that our little man could, at times, provide the perfect revenge with his eardrum-piercing shrieks and vocal reaction to the word “no.”  And as I was discussing with Schmalex our neighbor’s intolerance of virtually any sound, we both heard what sounded like a beating heart.  Naturally, my first thought was that our apartment is haunted.  As I was telling myself to act cool lest the evil spirit become angered and go all “Poltergeist” on our rhymes-with-masses, Alex looked at me quizzically and said, “That sounds like a heart beat.  But where is it coming from?”  Clearly, the sound was coming from next door, but I informed Schmalex of that just in case it wasn’t so clear to her.  We both stared at each other for a minute, pondering the everyday occurences in a home that might sound rhythmic like a heart.  And then in unison we exclaimed, “She’s having sex!”  And sure enough, the noise ceased after about five minutes.  Then we heard the shower turn on (yeah, the walls aren’t as thick as one would hope and expect), quickly followed by heavy steps on the stairs.

Mystery solved.  My next-door neighbor doesn’t hate us and what Mike refers to as my horse-like way of stomping up and down the stairs.  Like the saying goes, if the walls are a rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’.


So long, Massholes!

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Today officially marks the beginning of the great move back west.  While the hubs and a couple of his buddies load up a U-Haul with more stuff than we could possibly own, I’m driving to New York with the baby and dog.  Road trip!

There’s a lot I’ll miss about Massachusetts — well, more specifically, the North Shore.  There’s also a lot I’m glad to leave behind.  And since I’m most likely driving as you read this, I’ll start with the roads.  Let me first say that Massachusetts’ reputation for horrendous drivers is no mere myth.  They lean on the horn before the light turns green, dodge pedestrians and other traffic as if attempting one of those drunk driving similutation courses, and apparently have never heard of cruise control.  But it might not be completely their fault.  If you’ve ever attempted to navigate the roads out here (and you’re not from around here), then you know the roads are a big part of the problem.  There are no street signs in Boston.  That’s a fact.  You have to know where you’re going to know where you’re going.  And the expressway off- and on-ramps are nonexistent.  One minute you’re veering onto what you assume is a ramp to ease into highway traffic, and before you know it, you have hunks of steel bearing down on you.  And don’t get me started on the potholes — made worse by the Commonwealth’s dry-patch band-aid solution.

You know what else I won’t miss?  The area’s inedible excuse for pizza.  Seriously?  Crushed tomatoes on an oily cracker covered with stringy cheese does not a pizza make.  My mom wants to grill out for our first night back.  I told her I’ve already got a pizza and wings ordered.

But I will pine for the ocean.  Lake Ontario has nothing on the vast expanse of nothingness and everthing that is the Atlantic Ocean.  Mike and I would often drive from our apartment straight up the coast to circle Gloucester and Rockport, periodically pulling over just to watch the waves crash on the rocky shore below.  And the fun we’ve had out on the ocean on friends’ boats…  Some stories can only be fully comprehended by those who were there. 

Which leads me to the many friends we’ve made out here.  Friends who were here for our marriage and the birth of our first child.  Friends we are not saying goodbye to, but merely, “We’ll see you again soon.”

And we will see you again soon!


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