Photo Phriday: Tacky Yard Décor

March 23, 2012 at 8:09 am | Posted in Photo Phriday | 2 Comments
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As you may recall, I love all things tacky.  From tacky Christmas lights to obviously faux fur (unless you believe Elmo’s family has been targeted for their hides) to “hair I buy” (aka faux locks), ridiculous accessories hold a special place in my snarky heart.  And this extends to home décor.

In other people’s homes.

It was in this spirit that Factinis gumshoe RWFOTB submitted the following tacky-tastic example of yard décor:

Bravo, overzealous homeowner!

A yard like this takes effort, so here’s to you, overzealous homeowner!  Can’t wait to see what it looks like around the holidays!

P.S. If you, dear reader(s), see anything tacky-licious, feel free to send it my way for Factinis stardom!

Photo Phriday: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like (Tacky) Christmas

December 2, 2011 at 12:02 pm | Posted in Photo Phriday | 2 Comments
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As a yid, Christmas-time can be fraught with difficulties.  (Prepare your tiniest violin for me…)  December means: listening to radio stations being overtaken by Christmas music (it’s cute at first, but gets old really quickly); friends getting mounds of gifts in just one morning while my eight crazy nights barely hold a candle (punny, I know) to their loot; and being ignored by Santa even though I’m pretty sure I’ve been good all year.  Seriously – I don’t even get coal.

Dear reader(s), it isn’t easy for a heb like me.

But I’m always searching for silver linings.  On the plus side, I never had to sit on the lap of a beef and cheese smelling, pajama-clad old man in a department store; until I met my husband, I never had to fight the mall marauders for gifts; and I can fully enjoy holiday decorations without having to go through the trouble and expense of decking my halls… or roof… or yard.  Because let’s be honest: I love (looking at) outdoor Christmas decorations – and the tackier, the better!

I’m pretty sure the tackiest décor can be found in my old haunt, Somerville, Mass., where they make gaudy ornamentation an art!  Take, for example, this over-the-top home:

Tacky Christmas Decorations

Now THAT'S how decorating is done!

Isn’t it magnificent?!?  I’m pretty sure you can see this house from space!

I’m on the hunt for additional spotlightable homes!  If you happen to stumble upon similarly tacky décor, send it my way (tweet photos to @PR_SarahG) and I’ll share it on Factinis.

Happy December, dear reader(s)!

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