Sarah Wins A Major Award

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Dear Reader(s), are you aware that one of your favorite bloggers (and it isn’t me) is on the same level of greatness as The Thinker? In fact, our very own Sarah is so amazing at her job that she received a statue of The Thinker in recognition of her success on a particular account.

The Thinker

Hmmm... how can I get out of this office?

I’m a little jealous.

I have yet to receive a statue of any sort in recognition of my excellence. HINT HINT!!! But that hasn’t stopped me from imagining all the ways I’d enjoy said award. Even though Sarah claims it is a rather heavy object, I’d still bring it pretty much everywhere I went. You never know when you need proof of your amazing abilities. I mean, not everyone knows who I am, as unbelievable as that is. And instead of telling them who I am, I could just whip out The Thinker. I don’t like to brag.

And what if I want some personal space on the T? Tada! The Thinker to the rescue! He can sit in the seat next to me. Sorry fat guy in a filthy Santa costume reeking of beef and cheese, this seat is taken.

Sometimes I get lonely. Who better to chat with than The Thinker? Just look at him. Clearly he’s not only intently listening to my every word, but he’s contemplating what I have to say. He’s very wise.

But these are just a couple of the many ways The Thinker and I would have fun. Reader(s), what would you do with your own The Thinker statue? For some reason, Sarah seems to think it is perfectly acceptable to leave it on her desk. I’m not buying her excuse that the statue is too heavy to carry around. Let’s give her some ideas!


(what?) My Name Is…

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Farah. Or Farrah. Apparently.

It’s a surprise to me, too, but multiple hospitality workers can’t be wrong.

Who am I???

You see I’ve noticed a new trend: whenever I call to make a reservation, or order takeout or delivery, the restaurant worker on the other end thinks my name starts with F (as in Frank) not S (as in strawberry… or Sarah, as the case may be).

Don’t get me wrong – I think Farah (or Farrah, as some write it) is a lovely name. A good friend of mine in college bore the moniker, and arguably my favorite teen mom does, too. Not to mention a deceased actress who sported the featheriest of all feathered locks

It just isn’t MY name.

I mean, Sarah is a popular name – trust me, I was never the only Sarah in a classroom, while Far(r)ah is certainly less common. I assume Far(r)ahs are mistaken for Sarahs or Caras regularly – but I am shocked at how often the opposite happens!

And it’s not that I mind, necessarily. I just find it curious. If it happened once, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Twice? I might have remarked about it in passing. But I’ve been called Far(r)ah at least five times in the past two months.  And that warrants a blog!  What gives?

P.S. I composed this little missive on the T this morning, and my BlackBerry spellchecker had a field day!  For the record, Farah is auto-corrected to Sarah!  (And Farrah auto-corrects to either Fare or Fairy, but that’s another story for another day…)

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