Photo Phriday: Stars – They’re Just Like Us! Right?!

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Admission: I love Us Weekly – love it!  I have a subscription and look forward to this brain candy every week, even though I know it’s wrong (but it feels so right…)*.  I love learning intimate details about celebrities’  lives (like Tom Cruise), and trust Us more than any other silly celeb mag on the stands.  But sometimes even I can’t defend some of the features in this pub.

Take, for example, the “Stars – They’re Just Like Us!” section.  Usually the photos include A-listers grocery shopping, drinking coffee and walking their dogs, just like normal people.  But every so often, the mag will publish shots that induce the “bang head here” reaction in me.  A few weeks ago they published this shot of Halle Berry:

Halle Berry and her shoe line

Yeah... Halle and I are going to go over our next season designs together...

If she was just browsing shoes, I’d say “Yeah,that is  just like me!”  I manhandle expensive shoes in stores all the time!  But as the caption points out, she’s adoring her very own shoe line.  Not so much like me… unless I win the Mega Millions $540 million jackpot which, as you all know, is my long-term financial plan!!


* Don’t judge me, dear reader(s) – Judgy Wudgy was a bear… and had no friends to speak of!

If the Shoe Fits…

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When I was in high school I worked at a relatively pricey shoe store. The kind of place where we had to put the shoes on our customers’ feet, not just hand them the box; where we had to know our products backward and forward (toe box to shoe sole, and every stitch between); where we prepared for secret shoppers; sold merchandise with fancy foreign names; and learned more about feet than anyone other than podiatrists should (well, podiatrists and Rex Ryan, I suppose. Heheh).

We also had to understand the process of successful shoe-shopping (presumably to help inform our customers, but more likely to avoid dealing with returns). And the cardinal rule of shoe-shopping: only shop with your “normal feet.” That means when they are at average temperature, and mid-morning is best. 

Buying a shoe at night after a long, hot and humid summer day is sure to disappoint you later – you’ll end up with a shoe that’s too big and/or wide, the arch support will hit in the wrong spot, and odds are you’ll either have to return them or they’ll become “closet shoes” – the ones that seemed great when you bought them but that you can’t actually wear for more than ten minutes at a time, and only when standing perfectly still. The ones you look longingly toward, but know were a waste of money.

My Big Brown Bag of shame...

Well dear reader(s), I made that rookie mistake this weekend. I was with my Mo at Bloomies, it was late afternoon, I had been wearing toasty snow boots (in doors) all day, and I was mesmerized by the supple leather around us. And then I saw them – these lovely platform sandals that made me look taller, made my legs look leaner, and made me feel pampered. They would be perfect for my bro’s wedding in Costa Rica next month. And best of all, they were on sale! I tried ’em on, ignored the smidge of extra space by my ankle, did my glory lap around the couches and plopped down my AmEx. Huzzah!  

After the shopping high subsided, my mom and I realized what we had done. There I was, holding my “Medium Brown Bag” with a pair of size 9 shoes to wear on my size 8 feet, and a look of embarrassment and horror on my face. These were slightly too big, even on my hot, worn out feet; they’d never fit me in the morning with normal feet.

So I had to perform the walk of shame back to the shoe department. I tried to exchange the pair for an 8 but alas, there were no 8s to be had. No 8 ½s, either. And so I let the flattering pair slip through my fingers, sucked up my pride, and made a return at Bloomingdale’s just hours after my initial purchase. Sigh.

When I arrived back home at Chez L-ski, the hubs inquired what I spent our hard earned money on. A lesson in greed and shoe-buying, I responded. And it was free of charge, if you don’t count my pride.

Wedding Q&A

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Thank you all for your support and advice over the past few months. You, dear reader(s), helped calm my nerves and gave me the practical advice that helped make our wedding day such a memorable, fun, stress-free one! Today I will use this platform to answer your questions about 10/10/10 – and if I missed any, feel free to ask.


Are you planning to take Andrew’s name or will you keep the Wilderrol surname?

I have decided to legally change my name, so I will become Mrs. L-ski (whenever I get around to making the switch), but I won’t be offended if you wish to continue using my “maiden” name.

I heard a rumor that you wore tacky red sneakers to your own wedding. Is that true?

No. I wore these sophisticated beauties during the ceremony:

Stylin' Weddin' Shoes

And these adorable red tennies during the reception:

Comfy and coordinated!

They match the color scheme – ergo the sneaks weren’t tacky. 

Did Andrew follow-through on his threat to put cake on your face?

Open wide... airplane is coming in for a landing!

Nope, happily he respected my wishes… and/or did a quick little calculation about the amount of alone time we would have that night (since the Yankees swept, we had NO distractions – except for the hour it took to take my hair down) and figured it would be best if I wasn’t feeling harpy-tastic and ready exact revenge for the rest of our days. He politely fed me a dollop of icing…after he made it swoop around like an “airplane” (say aaah) toward my mouth. 

What did you two end up giving each other as wedding day gifts?

We managed to find each other superb gifts to exchange on our big day, if we do say so ourselves! Since we aren’t taking our honeymoon until next spring, Andrew gifted me a “mini-moon” so we could enjoy a weekend away together this fall. I gave him cuff links made from baseballs used in a Yankees game so he could walk down the aisle with a little pinstripe-pizzazz in his step – and they even matched our decor!

Did nature cooperate?

Yes! In fact, not only did Momma N. cooperate by providing gorgeous weather and stunning foliage, but apparently she also endorsed our union and sent a cute little chipmunk messenger to witness our ceremony and stand at the chuppah with us! Did anyone get a photo of the unexpected wedding guest? If so, please share it!

You had some anxiety about wearing a poufy white dress – was it more fun than you anticipated?

Taking a Mulligan on bustling my wedding gown...

Yes! I loved my dress and it was not even close to being the taffeta-torture I once envisioned. I only had two issues with it:

1) I needed a chaperone to use the loo! Mid-way through the day I could hold it no longer, but I couldn’t find my mom or my ‘maids! What was a bride to do? Grab my best neighbor, Rhymes-With-Tinny, and high-tail it to the bridal suite where we took our relationship to a more intimate level. Frankly, I only dared venture to the WC once because it was such a production!

2) A minor wardrobe malfunction about 2/3 of the way through the day included part of my dress un-bustling (de-bustling?). Luckily my stylists were there to help and we re-bustled it right in the middle of the reception.

It was a magical day and a perfect way to begin the next stage in our relationship! Thanks, everyone!

~ Mrs. L-ski

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