Congratulations, April!!!

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Dear reader(s),

It is with great pleasure that I share this wonderful news:

On Saturday, November 20, 2010, my bloggier half gave birth to a beautiful baby girl: Paige Helen! Momma and daughter are healthy and happy and beautiful, and the Wilderrol family couldn’t be more excited!

Congratulations, April (and Mike and Max)!!


I know I wasn’t alone in guessing/trying to predict the baby’s gender… As soon as April revealed her news and mercilessly taunted us about keeping her second child’s gender secret, the wheels in my head were a-turnin’. For the first seven-ish months I was convinced she was having another boy, but then everything changed. In the nick of time, I made up my mind and stuck with a daughter prediction. This makes me two for two in the Predict April’s Offspring game – how did you do with your guess? And what makes us obsessed with guessing, anyway? And how did I turn a blog post about April’s little angel into a self-congratulatory missive?

Please join me in sending lots of love to April and her family (now a family of four!).



Brooke’s Birthday Shout-Out

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Happy Birthday

This birthday clown is really scary... Why do parents do this? Brooke, we like you so much that we would never send a birthday clown to your house.

Today we’d like to give a very warm birthday shout-out to one of our most loyal fans and prolific commenters, Brooke!  From delightful tales of jeggings with faux cheetah trim to expressing her dislike of the word panties (I fully support you on this, by the way – that word is gross!), the necessity for ginger ale and mints in my wedding first aid kit to staying cool via the Scarlett O’Hara method, Brooke is an inexhaustible source of important information and friendly support. 

We adore you, Brooke, and wish you a year full of joy!

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