Photo Phriday: What Did You Call Me?

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Today’s Photo Phriday submission is from a fun former colleague of ours, Big D. (you may remember her from such gems as the awkward bathroom sign)!

Boston Street Sign

Abutt this, man!

Walking through beantown this week, Big D. noticed this sign, and adeptly pointed out that it may be a smidge confusing for the general public.  I mean, given that much of the population can’t read beyond the 5th grade level (you’re safe here at Factinis), can we really assume that passersby know what this sign means?

And who are you calling an abutter?


Photo Phriday: FUBO

February 18, 2011 at 3:04 pm | Posted in Misc. | 2 Comments
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Tracy and I were driving around Rochester one day and ended up behind a truck with a handwritten cardboard sign in the rear window. Four letters: FUBO. So many questions. Fortunately, Tracy answered my first one by pointing out that the sign probably should read: “F U BO.” That still left many unanswered questions. Who is Bo? What did Bo do to this woman? Was action requested on my part? Should I be wary of Bo and his (or her) antics? Was this part of a larger Bo-hating movement of which I was unaware? If a warning to and/or about Bo is warranted, why not spend a little more dough and get a magnetic sign for each side of the vehicle?

And since Tracy and I couldn’t stop wondering about this Bo situation, we followed the truck in order to snap a quick photo and see if any of my dear readers can enlighten us.



Don't mess with this lady!


Happy Friday!


PS A very belated congrats to RWFOTB for winning our last Photo Phriday contest! Something amazing is on its way to you! It’s in the mail. I swear.

Insert Title

March 12, 2010 at 8:58 am | Posted in Misc. | 2 Comments
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April and I love blogging. We love finding new and amusing ways to look at potentially frustrating daily occurrences. I mean, where else do we get to vent about cringe-worthy commutes, dieting doldrums, wedding wackiness, silly signs and all the other small stuff we try not to sweat over!  

April & Sarah Love Mugs for All Occasions

But sometimes… well… you might want to sit down for this: sometimes we find ourselves without witticisms! Yes, we admit it: we suffer from blogger’s block every now and then. I know, it’s shocking. But true. Some days it is hard to find the funny bits of life; sometimes a delayed train, a stinky work day and an aching ankle sap all our mental capacity: sometimes eating our weight in celery and raw broccoli isn’t a gas (it may cause it, but…never mind); sometimes we even find ourselves speechless.  

Clearly this isn’t one of those times, but trust me when I tell you that it has happened.  

Happy Friday, dear reader(s)!  


The lights may be on, but no one is home!

January 26, 2010 at 10:51 am | Posted in Around Boston | 8 Comments
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Last week April, RWC and I decided to brave the post office again, risking life and limb– or at least really bloody tape-cutter-induced injuries– to mail some bills, wedding To-Dos and gift exchanges, when we happened upon this notice on their window:

That’s right, the cameras might be working, but no one cares. And no one checks them. So go ahead and do whatever you want. Sounds like a great deterrent, folks!



Ask Us About Space…

January 5, 2010 at 10:20 am | Posted in Misc. | 3 Comments
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Some days I can’t believe that so many theories about extraterrestrials abound: Area 51, crop circles, abductions, UFO sightings, pod people who don’t exactly fit in with humans (I’m talking to you, Tom Cruise), etc.

Do I doubt there is intelligent life on other planets? Absolutely not. But I don’t think we need all these conspiracy theories. If we want to make contact with aliens, we need to open our eyes and read the signs clearly… It isn’t that complicated, earthlings!

For example, one day my dear friend and neighbor Rhymes With Tinny and I were running errands and we happened upon this sign:
While most of the other customers entering the Starbucks in the building simply walked past it assuming this was a punny real estate advertisement, Rhymes With Tinny and I knew better. As Freud said: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar – and sometimes a hotline about space really will put you in touch with aliens!

So, dear reader(s), I implore you to live long and prosper, nanu nanu and phone home (your parents miss hearing from you!).


Reader’s Mailbag: Holiday Decor

December 2, 2009 at 8:59 am | Posted in Around Boston | Leave a comment
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Dear Wilderrols,

That Elf on the Shelf was so creepy! Have you seen any other holiday decorations that are Factinis & Factomelettes worthy?

– T. Grinch

Dear T.G.,

Thanks for writing! We appreciate all feedback, even from literary misers and curmudgeons. We will keep our creepiness-radar on and report back. In the meantime, this sign isn’t exactly what we would call decor, but it’s in the holiday spirit, so it counts.

Yes, that is a creepy half-donut-smiling snowman. Why Rhymes-With-Clunkin-GoNuts* wouldn’t have added munchkins for eyes to take the bizarre-o-meter down a level is beyond us. But there you have it. Nothing says happy holidays like optically challenged snowmen!


*Note: Rhymes-With-Clunkin-GoNuts gift cards make excellent bribes… errr… holiday gifts for your favorite service people like mail carriers, bloggers, office cleaning crews, bloggers, teachers, bloggers, babysitters, bloggers… You get the drill! It’s a circle of life kinda thing.

Notice of Intent

December 1, 2009 at 9:22 am | Posted in Around Boston, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

This sign was posted at a local place of business:
So in case you were wondering, the business will be moving. Someday. But until then, it will be staying put. Just an FYI.

Travel Tips: You’d Best Know How to Groove!

November 18, 2009 at 9:39 am | Posted in Misc. | 3 Comments
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Apparently San Diegans (and all visitors to their sunshiny city) love to party! In addition to strobe lights and whooping-noises celebrating emergency situations, I also learned that sometimes they ask weary travelers like myself to break into dance in the San Diego airport. Check out this sign:
Uneven floor? Tap dance. Long line? Moonwalk. Overbooked flight? Tango. Upset about a checked bag fee? Jazz hands!

Be sure you stretch before hittin’ up SD International!


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