Apparently I’m Not a New Englander…

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As I sit here watching the weather report (Read: emotionally preparing for impending doom), seeing the first signs of Blizzard Nemo (Bugging Andrew to come home early – pretty please – this is a dangerous fish!) and reading friends’ Facebook statuses about the joy of snowstorms (Bring it on?  No thank you – please keep it away!), I’ve come to realize something: I can’t be a New Englander! 

Despite our reputation for a chilly demeanor, I think there’s also a certain degree of machismo around winter weather in the Northeast, something like “stormchismo.”  We buy out the region’s supply of bread, milk, bottled water and, for some reason, Pop Tarts (ick); we stock up on flashlights and batteries (why did I buy 24 AAA batteries at Home Depot?  When will I ever use 24 AAA batteries???); we watch the weather reports and poke fun at those folks who worry with choruses of “We live in New England – get used to it!” and “Finally, a little snow!”

I'd probably be at home worrying...

I’d probably be at home worrying…

But not me.  I’m angsty about this storm, I’m fearful that we will lose power, and I’m already dreading the cleanup and dealing with the 24”+ inches of snow that will surely remain with us for days or weeks to come.  What gives? 

Sure, I could blame this on my pregnancy-induced proclivity to worry, but we all know I was a worrier before getting preggers and I’ll be a worrier after, too (less than 30 days left until we meet Baby L-ski!  Huzzah!).  That said, I used to love being home watching the snow, snuggled up with a cocoa and blanket.  And even though I’ve been in New England for most of my life, I was born and raised in Colorado – weather like this is something I’ve always known – no excuse there.  And it’s not like I have to commute in this – my boss is delightfully flexible about letting me WFH (that’s “work from home,” for those not in the know) during inclement weather. 

So what’s my excuse?  What’s the problem?  Is there hope for me or am I doomed to be a lesser Masshole?

And is it time to panic yet? 


Remember Winter?

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Consider today’s post my community service for the week. Sarah and I, both being residents of the Northeast, are in the midst of a heat wave. And not (Love is Like a) Heat Wave immortalized by Martha and the Vandellas and later Linda Ronstadt, but a week-long stretch of oh-my-god-i-can’t-even-breathe-without-sweating, why-is-the-air-so-moist heat and humidity. It seems like any time the thermometer registers outside the 65-75 degree safe zone of comfortable weather, everyone — and I mean everyone — feels compelled to whine, loudly, to every human in sight. News flash: announcing you are hot/cold does not change a thing. In fact, you are only drawing attention to something I am desperately trying to ignore. So instead of joining the legions of Debbie Downers verbally assaulting you on the T, at the office, in every public space, I’m going to share with you some pictures of winter in the hopes that visions of multiple feet of white stuff will help you momentarily forget the current weather (and remind you of what you’ll all be complaining about in another five months).

Feeling better?


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