(what?) My Name Is…

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Farah. Or Farrah. Apparently.

It’s a surprise to me, too, but multiple hospitality workers can’t be wrong.

Who am I???

You see I’ve noticed a new trend: whenever I call to make a reservation, or order takeout or delivery, the restaurant worker on the other end thinks my name starts with F (as in Frank) not S (as in strawberry… or Sarah, as the case may be).

Don’t get me wrong – I think Farah (or Farrah, as some write it) is a lovely name. A good friend of mine in college bore the moniker, and arguably my favorite teen mom does, too. Not to mention a deceased actress who sported the featheriest of all feathered locks

It just isn’t MY name.

I mean, Sarah is a popular name – trust me, I was never the only Sarah in a classroom, while Far(r)ah is certainly less common. I assume Far(r)ahs are mistaken for Sarahs or Caras regularly – but I am shocked at how often the opposite happens!

And it’s not that I mind, necessarily. I just find it curious. If it happened once, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Twice? I might have remarked about it in passing. But I’ve been called Far(r)ah at least five times in the past two months.  And that warrants a blog!  What gives?

P.S. I composed this little missive on the T this morning, and my BlackBerry spellchecker had a field day!  For the record, Farah is auto-corrected to Sarah!  (And Farrah auto-corrects to either Fare or Fairy, but that’s another story for another day…)

BlackBerry Says What?

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Beware: I sail under this flag with my swashbucklin' crew... Arrr!

Like so many others, I am addicted to my “CrackBerry.” But sometimes it gets a little pushy and overbearing, particularly when it is spell-checking my emails!

For example, here’s an email I *almost* sent to my partner in crime last Friday evening:

Hi April,

Happy weekend! This afternoon the Makers threw me a surprise bray party – complete w/chocolate pH ice cream cake and Guineas! You would’ve loved it 🙂

Okay, onto the serious shining: Resolution Be Better Loggers (bib: I guess it’s the “Beyond” in Bed, Bath and…)! If you can take Mind and Wed, I can take Tues and Thugs, and we have a reader-submitted pig for Photo Variety. Gay! A full week of blockage! Sound double?


Here’s what I actually wrote *before* the Blackberry got a hold of it:

Hi April,

Happy weekend! This afternoon the MoCo’ers threw me a surprise bday party – complete with chocolate pb ice cream cake and Guinness! You would’ve loved it 🙂

Okay, onto the serious shiznit: Resolution Be Better Bloggers (BBB: I guess it’s the “Beyond” in Bed, Bath and…)! If you can take Mon and Wed, I can take Tues and Thurs, and we have a reader-submitted pic for Photo Phriday. Yay! A full week of bloggage! Sound doable?


The lessons?

1) Misspellings aren’t always the lesser of two evils.

2) BlackBerry’s aren’t the boss of me.

3) And “Yay” is a word, damn it!


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