Just for Manly Men?

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As someone who has been highlighting and dying my hair for nearly two decades (no one is perfect – I was meant to be blond, not a deep brunette), I feel I’m qualified to comment on “follicle hue manipulation.”  When my girlfriends – or even random gals; I rarely hold back when it comes to complements – are looking particularly hair-model-fabulous, I make a point of saying so!  Lately, however, I’m at a loss on whether to complement, or even acknowledge, these color changes. 

Is there a chapter in the Man Code about dying your hair?

Why?  Because more and more often, it’s men who have been updating their do’s!  Those “Just for Men” commercials aren’t lying (for better or worse), and men throughout my tangential social and professional circles have jumped on the colorist bandwagon – even those who used to object to the amount of money people spend on “staying young” and preserving their looks!

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not judging.  Far be it from me to look down on hair dyers.  (Okay, okay – sometimes when the dye job is really bad or really obvious, I do judge – but it’s not gender-dependent!).  It’s just that when I say “I love your hair color” to a chick, she’ll take it as a compliment, but older dudes trying to deny the aging process by adopting metrosexual trends of focusing on cosmetic updates after decades of trying to convince us and themselves that they look distinguished with gray hair?  Well, I’m at a loss. 

I don’t want to embarrass anyone by calling out the change, but I also don’t want to seem insensitive by not mentioning anything at all (because you know that when we ladies get salon treatments, you had BEST complement it!).

What’s a detail-oriented gal to do?

Naturally blond on the inside (no jokes, please),


Strong Enough for a Man, pH Balanced for a Woman?

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about home renovation, it’s to do it when you’re NOT living in said home.  But if there’s another thing I’ve learned, it’s that there really is a difference in men’s and women’s toiletries. 

armpit smell

Well this is awkward...

Because we can’t actually unpack anything yet, Andrew and I have been “making do” with what we have.  So I’ve been using his Pert Plus and yellow Dial soap in the shower (my hair and skin have never felt so stripped of moisture – seriously, I’m a walking desert!), and he grudgingly uses my deodorant.

Yes, you read that correctly: Andrew has been using my deodorant.  He tried going without any for a few days, but we were afraid the EPA was going to get involved, so he broke down and used mine.  And he smelled delightful for a few hours.

Then he started asking if my armpits ever “burned.”

Ummmm… no, dear.  There is no Usher song dedicated to my pits, because my deodorant has never made my armpits burn!

Oh, he replied.  Maybe there’s something to that pH thing they talk about in the commercials after all!

Poor hubs and his burning armpits!  Before you get all judgy on me, please know that I’m stopping at CVS on the way home to buy shampoo, conditioner, body wash and MEN’S deodorant.

I heart home ownership!


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