Less Than Two Weeks to Wedded Bliss!

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Well, dear reader(s), it is less than two weeks until I make an honest man out of Andrew (but don’t tell TheKnot.com). Do you hear that? Single ladies cryin’ the world over. Sorry, gals – he’ll soon be off the market for good.

Adam Zyglis of The Buffalo News' depiction of brides

Help me, doc!

The big stuff is all taken care of – it is the little stuff they don’t warn you about. As such, my superwoman of a mom (you may recognize her by her blog name, Sarah’s Mo) and I have declared this Saturday: “Get ‘er Done Day.”

Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., we will be workin’ like maniacs to assemble our programs, create our favors, and add all those special touches that make a wedding so much work… errr, I mean that make a wedding so special and beautiful.

Andrew lucked out can’t join us because he has a seminar all day, but he will be there in spirit. Rhymes-with-Father-of-the-Bride is bringing his crafting A-game. And Mo and I will be sufficiently caffeinated. But there’s so much to do! So, if anyone is feeling particularly helpful and/or bored on Saturday, or if you just have a hankerin’ to create programs, favors, etc., West Hartford, Conn. is where it’s at!

Desperately seeking free time,

Jinxing Myself?

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I’m actually feeling pretty good about the state of my wedding planning (thanks in no small part to my superwoman of a mom and honorable maid of honor! Oh, and my handsome groom, too…). We have a banquet hall, an officiant (a deeelightful, dare-I-say-dreamy fella), a florist, a DJ, a yummy cake and stupendous party food (including an appropriate amount of cheese), a white dress (it’s ordered, though not in my possession, and I say that counts), a photographer, and invitations (again, ordered counts in my world).  

I know we still need to secure bridesmaids dresses, grooms and groomsmen’s attire, favors and other random accessories (shoes, veil, hair-do, the old, the borrowed and the blue, etc.), but I’m feeling good about our progress!  

Oh Cheezburger.com, you always know my worst fears! Note to self: buy cashews...


And yet, as I write this I have a semi-irrational fear that I’m about to jinx it; that there is some huge part of this process I’ve forgotten about. So I’m turning to you, dear reader(s): what am I missing? Where did you have unexpected hiccups…or speed bumps…or even full-on roadblocks? 

I love advice, happy stories, planning help… and even the occasional horror story (if I’m confident it won’t happen to me). Spill it, dear reader(s)! 


Update: April’s New Career

April 2, 2010 at 12:09 pm | Posted in Photo Phriday | 7 Comments
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As you may have guessed, dear reader(s), I did not, in fact, hit my head getting on the train yesterday. Nor did I spend the day gallivanting about Boston in the hopes of rescuing those in need. I was, sadly, at my place of employment working like it’s my job.

But there was truth to Sarah’s promise of news regarding my career. As some of you already know, I am moving back to my hometown to embark upon a new chapter of my life. I am unsure what the future holds for my little family, but I do know that the next few months will certainly be an adventure.

However, rest assured that Factinis & Factomelettes will go on (can you hear Celine Dion singing?). Sarah and I may soon be separated by a physical distance, but our love of shenanigans (Oprah voice!) will always keep us close.

Happy Friday!

And for those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter!  I know it’s supposed to be Photo Phriday, so here’s a relevant photo on which to comment.  Enjoy!

Peeps Show~April

April’s New Career?

April 1, 2010 at 9:58 am | Posted in Around Boston | 4 Comments
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The blog I was originally going to write for today will have to be postponed.  You see, we started the day with a bit of a calamity, and, since this may impact our future blogs, I feel like I should give you a glimpse into what happened.  I waited for April at North Station, which is unusual in itself because she usually arrives a few minutes before I do.  Apparently, her train was delayed this morning due to an accident of sorts and, you guessed it: April was at the center of this debacle. 

As she was boarding her train this morning, April tripped, hit her head on the metal door handle, stumbled backward and landed (with a thud, they say) on the frozen ground by the tracks.  Before they left her stop, a doctor on board did a quick examination, but April insisted that she was fine and that they continue to Boston.  The conductor led her off the train at North Station to place her in my care.  He recommended that I take her to the ER, since, as he said, “She really got a wallop on that noggin’ of hers,” but my stubborn friend refused.  And she kind of made a scene… and she could easily overpower me with this darn boot on… so I didn’t force her, though I still feel awful about it. 

Anyway, April isn’t really herself today.  Or at least she wasn’t when I last saw her.  En route to work, she heard a siren and started mumbling something about saving the world.  All I understood from her muttering over the shriek of the siren was: “mumble mumble… wasting my life… mumble mumble… could be making a real difference… mumble mumble… time to take action… mumble mumble… save the world.” 

And then she raised her arm, made a fist, pointed her index finger and ran off in the direction of the emergency personnel.  The thing is, I won’t be able to cover for her much longer, and if she doesn’t show up soon, she may be kissing her job here goodbye!  And, unless she can somehow become a self-sufficient superhero with some sort of sponsorship or superhero sugar daddy, I don’t know that she’ll be able to save the world and pay her bills…


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