The Silver Screen – Literally!

April 8, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Around Boston | 2 Comments
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Before I started my new gig, my gal pal Rhymes-With-Tinny (aka Tirginia) and I went on a Monday Movie Matinee Date (as ladies of leisure – however temporarily, in our case – are wont to do).  We heard about a promotion at our local cinema where movies are just $2, and include popcorn, cookies, soda and coffee.  What a deal!  In fact, it was such a steal that we didn’t even check to see what movie was showing! It didn’t matter: for $2, I’ll try *almost* anything.

We arrived at the theater, bought our tickets and found two seats at the optimal screen-to-face ratio.  We settled in, but when we looked around at our fellow movie-goers, we realized that we were the only folks under 80 in attendance!  No matter: we figured we could sink down low into our seats and avoid attracting attention.   

Nope!  Before the feature presentation began, the usher (also a member of the “sassy seniors club,” as Tinny and I refer to them), welcomed everyone to the “Silver Screen Show,” and then added that he noticed a few new members.  Then he pointed.  At us.  And made us wave. 

So much for blending. 

We had no idea this was a senior citizens event!  No one had said boo about the $4 we paid to get in, no one warned us that we might be a little too young for the event, or even informed us that we would might remind the ENTIRE audience of their grandchildren. 

But we had no choice.  We were there (with our snacks).  We had paid $4, and goshdarnit we were going to enjoy the film!  Whatever it was.  So we smiled and waved and pretended we knew what we were getting into all along.

We tried to mingle with the sprightly seniors around us (some of whom were more chipper than Tinny and I) as we settled in for the show, started munching on our snacks and enjoyed our afternoon movie date: “At War with the Army,” starring Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. 

All I can say is, “The Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the beans!”  And if you don’t know what that means, watch this:

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