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The King of All Wild Things has suddenly become quite the parrot. I say “cute,” he says “cuuute.” A car honks, he says “bop bop.” The Other Sister says “cheese,” he says “cheesch.” Mike takes the Son of God’s name in vain, he says “Geesch!”


And even though our brains say not to react when a small child uses inappropriate language or else he’ll continue saying it to get a rise out of everyone, our mouths said, “No, Max! Don’t say that!” And thus my almost-two-year-old discovered the power of the word “Geesch.” Great.

But we didn’t hear tiny blasphemous utterances after that one instance, so we thought we were in the clear. So one evening Max and I made our weekly excursion to shop the rhymes-with-spit out of the best grocery store ever. And there we were in the family planning aisle when an older gentleman slowly pushed his cart past us and said hello to Max. Nothing out of the ordinary. I realize how obnoxious this sounds, but my little man truly is pretty darn and people constantly stop to chat with him. It takes us forever to go anywhere in public. Hoodles, the man said hello to Max. And Max looked him in the eye and yelled “Geesch!”

I did my best to keep a straight face and said, “OK, Max, we’ll go get you some cheese.”


Photo Phriday: Gloves or Sneakers?

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I’ve mentioned before that The Other Sister loves to run. A while ago she got some new running shoes. Well, she claims they’re shoes, but I’m convinced they’re actually gardening gloves. You decide, reader(s). Here they are:

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Shoes? Gloves? I'm confused.

If you think the photo is weird, you should see someone actually wearing them. The first time I saw someone wearing them was at the train station. A man was wearing them with his suit. I thought he was a mutant escaped from the set of X-Men. True story.

Happy Friday!


Belated Birthday Shout-Out

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Yesterday morning I woke up and thought, “Hmmm… What am I going to blog about today?” And I couldn’t think of a single interesting thing. I couldn’t even think of a single uninteresting thing. So Sarah posted.

And then last night I realized what a complete jerk I am. Yesterday was The Other Sister’s birthday. I certainly didn’t forget about it. We celebrated over the weekend, and I called her yesterday to wish her a very happy birthday. But I forgot to give her a birthday shout-out. So here it is.

Happy Birthday, The Other Sister!!! I hope your day was relaxing and your dinner at the Rainforest Cafe delicious.

Happy Birthday To You!

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting The Other Sister, you are missing out. She has a laugh that can only be described as infectious. And if you see her toe start tapping, you best watch out because she is about to start dancing. She thinks it is hysterical when men drink from straws. And it is. She is terrified of windmills and raisins. She loves to run. And she is my little sister.


Photo Phriday: More Mail Mix-Ups

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It seems Sarah isn’t the only one getting oddly-addressed mail these days. The Other Sister (real name Vanessa) apparently has been promoted to the true head of her household. At least according to whomever sent her this:


Mrs. & Mr. Vanessa?

What’s going on with here, reader(s)? Is the USPS getting sloppy? Is a mass conspiracy to make us all question our identity afoot?


What is Western New York Like?

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Ever since I announced my plans to move back to upstate New York (or WESTERN New York, as The Other Sister prefers I call it), I’ve been inundated with questions about the region.  I’ve found you can learn a lot by perusing the local police blotter.  And The Other Sister was kind enough to send me the link to the Best of the Blotter ’09, a compilation from the community newspapers serving the Buffalo region. 

Lest you be confused, I am not moving to Buffalo, but Rochester is about an hour east of there, so there are some similarities.  At any rate, The Other Sister lives in Buffalo, so you can at least get a feel for the shenanigans she witnesses on a regular basis.

For example, police responded to a call about a caged dog in distress at a pet store. Patrol located a stuffed animal, which appeared to be fine.  This tells me the locals are concerned about animal welfare.

Police were called to the home of a man who couldn’t control his son.  The 13-year-old refused to eat his vegetables or go to church.  Nutrition and religion are important in this community.

A resident said he was outside yelling because the Buffalo Bills lost and the neighbor from across the street came over and punched him in the face.  Passionate about the same sports teams I love.

Peruse the police blotter if you need some laughs.  Or if you’re concerned about my welfare.  You’ll see that all I have to fear are people stealing my Sabres gear and chicken.


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