Photo Phriday: Game of Thrones

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Today’s Photo Phriday gem is brought to us by one of my colleagues at Dark Water Fowl.  As he pulled into our office parking garage this week, he had no idea he was entering a throne room!


Toilets on parade

As he said, these porcelain soldiers were lined up and ready for battle!

You could get lost among all those loos…

Water closet?  Try water garage…

<Insert more potty humor here>


Jill Loves Kevin James!

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If you ever read the comments to our posts, you know who Jill is. She is so content with who she is that she refuses to use a nom de plume. I like her style. She works just a couple blocks from your fearless bloggers, so we occasionally meet for lunch. Our love of food is a uniting factor.

At our lunch date last week, I remembered that Jill, who looooooves Kevin James, had never been to our office. Remember how Kevin James used our toilet? Ok, don’t think about how, but rather that he used it at all. You with me? Good. So realizing my negligence, we cut our lunch short and brought Jill to the scene of the crime. Below are photos:

Jill Loves Kevin James Who Used our Toilet


Full disclosure #1: Sarah posted the sign as Jill was getting a tour of the facilities. Dedicating a plaque had previously not occurred to us. Also, clients might not appreciate the historical nature of this particular throne, so I expect we will be forced to remove it in the near future.

Full disclosure #2: Jill did not actually touch the toilet seat, contrary to what the photographic evidence suggests. I was there. You weren’t. But apparently I’m not a “credible witness,” according to some who know me in real life, because when I sent these photos to Jill’s fiance, he responded that, although they were hilarious, they were also somewhat horrifying, and regardless of what I said, he still wasn’t going to let her make dinner that night. So, you’re welcome, Jill?


Kevin James Used My Toilet

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Author’s note: We have a policy of not blogging about work, but in light of recent events, we feel an exception should be made. No clients were hurt in the writing of this post.

Kevin James used my toilet. And by “my” I mean my office’s, but sometimes I use it, too, so really, we’ve shared the same potty. And this isn’t like in The Goonies when Chunk says Michael Jackson used his bathroom (remember The Goonies? Do ya? You do. I know it. Everyone loves The Goonies.). This really happened. Tuesday night our humble hive was turned into a TGI Fridays as part of the set of The Zookeeper, starring Kevin James.

Schmargaret had to stay at work overnight (sacre bleu!) Because the film people needed access to our lighting and there is no way we were going to trust “those Hollywood types” with our keys. They might have made unauthorized copies or used the google to look up how paper is made. And we can’t have that. So Schmargaret took one for the team (and a vacay day on Wednesday!).

As the three of us left the office more or less at quittin’ time Tuesday evening, she yelled to some random set guy, “Call me!” To which he shrugged and said, “okay.” Then she realized he wasn’t Joe, the guy who was to call her when he needed her back at the office. And that is how Schmargaret tried to pick up a movie guy.

But back to the important part, Schmargaret kept Sarah and I up-to-date on the goings on of our visitors. Apparently they use the loo a lot. And a man in a tree asked Schmargaret how her chicken was (she was broiling some defrosted breasts at 2am). Also, craft services (“crafty” to those in the know, according to a friend in the biz) was temporarily located in our kitchen. But then it moved to the far end of the parking lot across the street. So no leftovers for us.

And at 8:30 am, this is what the outside of our office looked like.

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