Rich People Problems

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The other day the hubs and I were bickering about household chores – he feels like he does the lion’s share and that I spend more time reading baseball blogs than helping.  I feel like he needs to relax every once in a while and understand that our house will never be as clean or tidy as he imagines it should be.

Okay, okay, it was the opposite, but sometimes it’s refreshing to pretend it’s the gal who puts sports over washing bottles.  Annnywho, in one of my dramatic retorts, I said something like:

“Fine, I’ll just get the maid to do it!  But you never help plan menus with the chef, the gardener is still waiting to hear exactly how many millimeters you’d like him to hand trim off the lawn, and the chauffeur has really been slacking on polishing the dipstick handle.  Can you get off your lazy butt and order people around for a change?  Or do I have to manage the staff alone as usual?”

I think my golden throne (haha) needs polishing!  Where's the bathroom maid?!?

I think my golden throne (haha) needs polishing! Where’s the bathroom maid?!?

It was enough to break the tension between us, but that got me thinking: is that how fights between the uber rich actually sound?  What do the gajillionaire couples of the world squabble about?  Because I’ll bet it’s not dishes, laundry, or which bill to pay first and which to postpone.

I think an experiment is in order.  Here’s what I propose: give me a few gajillion dollars (one of you can give me a lump sum or take up a collection or something; how you make this happen isn’t the important part – don’t be penny wise and gajillion foolish).  I’ll move into a mansion, hire a full-fledged staff (first hire: a personal assistant and then a household manager who will actually hire the rest of the staff for me – that’s not something a gajillionaire like me should have to concern herself with), and report back.  I promise to answer this, and any other questions you have about how the upper crust lives.  We’ll all be the wiser!

You can’t put a price on knowledge like that.  But do try.


Secret Crush Revealed

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Last weekend I attended Andrew’s high school reunion. He got to catch up with friends, relive the good ol’ days and cavort with long-lost buddies like he was a teenager again, while I got to hang with the significant others/designated drivers/trophy dates for five plus hours (which was actually more fun than it sounds – despite the fact that we were stone cold sober).

I didn’t expect the evening to be extraordinary by any stretch. And yet, for some reason, I chose his reunion to reveal my super secret crush to a table full of strangers. And since I’ve already outed myself to people I may not see again until the 20 year reunion (if we’re lucky enough to hang on to our s.o.’s for another decade), I figure it is only fair to you, dear reader(s), to share the naked truth with you, too:

Love may be blind, but it is NOT deaf!

I have a (formerly secret) crush on Kai Ryssdal. There. I said it. I get all (intellectually) hot and bothered by the host of American Public Media’s “Marketplace.” Seriously, Mr. Ryssdal is my cool drink of water. I’m a smitten kitten.  Hello schoolgirl crush!

And here’s the kicker: I’m so enamored of his voice, his charm, his wit (scripted or otherwise… admittedly “Marketplace” has great writers) that I have refused the urge to look up a photo of him. I don’t have any idea what he looks like… And dare I say it? I don’t care!

I’m recently married and head over heels in love with Andrew – and nothing could change that. But for some reason, Kai makes me swoon… When he “does the numbers” I get weak in the knees. I’m not usually a financially nerdy gal, but every weekday at 6:30 p.m…. well, let’s just say my commute gets a little brighter.

Don’t you judge me! I know you all have secret bizarro crushes, too.  We already know about April’s hubby’s crush.  What’s yours?


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