Adios, Aquapocalypse!

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It has been a rough few days in the Boston area.  For those who haven’t heard about “Aquapocalypse,” I’ll summarize it by saying that Bostonians couldn’t use tap water for much of anything, and that makes for a grouchy metropolitan area! 

In addition to trying to kill all imaginable bacteria with copious amounts of Purell (and smelling ethyl-alcohol-tastic), Aquapocalypse meant we couldn’t get our needed coffee fix… In fact, when I arrived at work on Monday morning, this is what greeted me: 

Sometimes we don't "love that dirty water"...


I looked at my colleagues… desperation, depression, exhaustion (kind of like Snow White’s caffeine-deprived dwarves!) and knew something had to be done. RWC and I shook off our catatonic state and made our way to the nearest Starbucks for relief in the form of VIA packets. 

It didn’t look good… the line snaked around the store… terse Bostonians glared at each other… Honestly, I felt like we were in a zombie movie!! Thankfully we were able to snag a couple boxes before they completely ran out, and then ran for our lives with the powdered java! 

And this morning we awoke to wonderful news: the end of Aquapocalypse! So go ahead and wash your hands, brush your teeth and take a big ol’ gulp of tap water! After you flush your pipes, of course… 


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