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Thank you all for your support and advice over the past few months. You, dear reader(s), helped calm my nerves and gave me the practical advice that helped make our wedding day such a memorable, fun, stress-free one! Today I will use this platform to answer your questions about 10/10/10 – and if I missed any, feel free to ask.


Are you planning to take Andrew’s name or will you keep the Wilderrol surname?

I have decided to legally change my name, so I will become Mrs. L-ski (whenever I get around to making the switch), but I won’t be offended if you wish to continue using my “maiden” name.

I heard a rumor that you wore tacky red sneakers to your own wedding. Is that true?

No. I wore these sophisticated beauties during the ceremony:

Stylin' Weddin' Shoes

And these adorable red tennies during the reception:

Comfy and coordinated!

They match the color scheme – ergo the sneaks weren’t tacky. 

Did Andrew follow-through on his threat to put cake on your face?

Open wide... airplane is coming in for a landing!

Nope, happily he respected my wishes… and/or did a quick little calculation about the amount of alone time we would have that night (since the Yankees swept, we had NO distractions – except for the hour it took to take my hair down) and figured it would be best if I wasn’t feeling harpy-tastic and ready exact revenge for the rest of our days. He politely fed me a dollop of icing…after he made it swoop around like an “airplane” (say aaah) toward my mouth. 

What did you two end up giving each other as wedding day gifts?

We managed to find each other superb gifts to exchange on our big day, if we do say so ourselves! Since we aren’t taking our honeymoon until next spring, Andrew gifted me a “mini-moon” so we could enjoy a weekend away together this fall. I gave him cuff links made from baseballs used in a Yankees game so he could walk down the aisle with a little pinstripe-pizzazz in his step – and they even matched our decor!

Did nature cooperate?

Yes! In fact, not only did Momma N. cooperate by providing gorgeous weather and stunning foliage, but apparently she also endorsed our union and sent a cute little chipmunk messenger to witness our ceremony and stand at the chuppah with us! Did anyone get a photo of the unexpected wedding guest? If so, please share it!

You had some anxiety about wearing a poufy white dress – was it more fun than you anticipated?

Taking a Mulligan on bustling my wedding gown...

Yes! I loved my dress and it was not even close to being the taffeta-torture I once envisioned. I only had two issues with it:

1) I needed a chaperone to use the loo! Mid-way through the day I could hold it no longer, but I couldn’t find my mom or my ‘maids! What was a bride to do? Grab my best neighbor, Rhymes-With-Tinny, and high-tail it to the bridal suite where we took our relationship to a more intimate level. Frankly, I only dared venture to the WC once because it was such a production!

2) A minor wardrobe malfunction about 2/3 of the way through the day included part of my dress un-bustling (de-bustling?). Luckily my stylists were there to help and we re-bustled it right in the middle of the reception.

It was a magical day and a perfect way to begin the next stage in our relationship! Thanks, everyone!

~ Mrs. L-ski

An Old Married Lady Already?

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I won’t even be hitched until this weekend, but already society has written me off as old married lady. Don’t believe me? I got this in the mail on Saturday:

AARP says I should be retired already... count me IN!

That’s right – apparently I now qualify for membership in the American Association of Retired Persons. Ummm… Yeah…

In my quest to always find the silver lining, I’ve decided to interpret this as a sign that I shouldn’t work anymore. Apparently it’s time to retire, and that sounds dreamy to me! Andrew, however, is less than taken with the idea, citing the reality of bills, saving for a down-payment on a house, supporting our future children (don’t get too excited yet, Mo, RWFOTB and mom-in-law Kathy: this is not our way of saying I’m preggers). He is clearly not seeing the bigger picture. 

Another plus? I love early dinners and early bedtimes – I think I’d make a lively addition to the early bird special club, the news programs are too depressing these days to bother staying up past 10 p.m., and the modern marvel of “Digital Video Recording” (or whatever you kids are calling it these days) will ensure I can watch all my stories at a reasonable hour – like 8 p.m., when I treat myself to my nightly glass of warm milk.

And finally, the benefit that really sold me: senior discounts! Forget student rates (don’t judge, Andrew is a student again!), seniors have the discount market cornered! Restaurants, attractions – you name it, they can save! So count me in, AARP!


(but you can call me Mrs. Wilderrol, you rude little whipper-snapper)

Less Than Two Weeks to Wedded Bliss!

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Well, dear reader(s), it is less than two weeks until I make an honest man out of Andrew (but don’t tell Do you hear that? Single ladies cryin’ the world over. Sorry, gals – he’ll soon be off the market for good.

Adam Zyglis of The Buffalo News' depiction of brides

Help me, doc!

The big stuff is all taken care of – it is the little stuff they don’t warn you about. As such, my superwoman of a mom (you may recognize her by her blog name, Sarah’s Mo) and I have declared this Saturday: “Get ‘er Done Day.”

Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., we will be workin’ like maniacs to assemble our programs, create our favors, and add all those special touches that make a wedding so much work… errr, I mean that make a wedding so special and beautiful.

Andrew lucked out can’t join us because he has a seminar all day, but he will be there in spirit. Rhymes-with-Father-of-the-Bride is bringing his crafting A-game. And Mo and I will be sufficiently caffeinated. But there’s so much to do! So, if anyone is feeling particularly helpful and/or bored on Saturday, or if you just have a hankerin’ to create programs, favors, etc., West Hartford, Conn. is where it’s at!

Desperately seeking free time,

A Stressed Bride’s New Chariot Bites the Dust

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I got a super fly new car last week.  I’m talkin’ Bluetooth, iPod docking station, steering wheel controls, intelligent key (which means it never leaves my purse – not to unlock doors, open the trunk, start the car, etc), a sleek spoiler and sporty alloy wheels.  I fell for it immediately.  I couldn’t stop caressing it; I had a bad case of verbal diarrhea; I volunteered to drive everywhere; I was, in a word, obsessed.

Until yesterday, when my car crush turned to pure, unadulterated rage.

The future-hubs and I were in CT for fasting-tastic Yom Kippur.  We planned to head back to Beantown around 10:30 a.m. to tackle some of the innumerable tasks on our wedding to do list, go grocery shopping (shameful admission: we haven’t been to the store in nearly a month), do homework and chores, etc.  The only problem?  My new chariot wouldn’t start.  My BRAND NEW, less-than-five-days-old, hadn’t-even-been-named car was dead.  Deceased.  Pushing up daisies.  It bought the farm.  It kicked the bucket.  It… well, you get the idea. I had a dead chariot on my hands (and in my parents’ driveway).

Andrew and I went through the manual to troubleshoot, to no avail.  I called AAA, which determined it could do nothing to help (though the gentleman who gave us said sad news, Luis, was very compassionate about it – thanks, Luis, for breaking it to me gently).  I called the dealership, I called Nissan Roadside Assistance, I called every affiliated service provider I could think of.  I had a breakdown.  I had another breakdown.  I worried my parents with my irrational and erratic behavior.  I required numerous reassurances and soothing words from Andrew.  I lost my wits.  Again.  I lamented turning in Blue Steel.  I felt sorry for myself.  And hours later (literally hours), I finally got the dealership to agree to tow it on their dime back to Massachusetts, to (eventually) provide me with a courtesy vehicle (though not in time to make it to work today) and fix my brand-spankin’-new car.

But that still left us love birds stuck in the Nutmeg State… what were a stressed bride-to-be and a busy-full-time-worker-plus-part-time-MBA-student to do?

Turn to my everyday heroes, of course.  I’d like to give a shout-out to our Knight in Shining Audi, “Rhymes-With-Father-of-the-Bride,” who graciously hauled Andrew, my sorry butt, and all our baggage (physical and emotional) back to Chez Gerrowski last night, then immediately turned around and drove the two hours (if you’re obeying the speed limit) straight back to CT.  Pops sure came through when it counted – as always!  What a guy!  And to “Sarah’s Mo,” who took a break from saving the world to handle the tow trucker while I was dissolved in a puddle of pity party en route back to Boston.

And as for my car?  Well, this gal has far too much to do to be without a faithful steed – so they’d best be fixin’ her up real pretty and real fast!  Or I may not be able to control my inner ‘zilla!


Another Wedding To Do?

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Dear reader(s), I hope you aren’t getting too tired of hearing about my bridal ineptitude. I promise this will all be over in about a month and a half. And thank goodness for that – I’m getting tired of being a lousy bride, and I’m ready to move on to being lousy at something else!

Any ideas?

Hoodles, yesterday afternoon I was kindly reminded (if you can call someone emailing “Earth to Sarah” kind… though admittedly, I do appreciate the Zoolander reference) of the tradition dictating that Andrew and I give each other gifts on our wedding day.

Isn’t getting hitched and getting those gorgeous (and sparkly) wedding bands gift enough? Apparently not.

It seems that amid all the wedding planning chaos, we are supposed to give each other something “special” and “meaningful” that we can pass down to our future offspring. Talk about pressure! 

I’ve heard all manner of gifts can be appropriate: fine jewelry, surfboards, personalized hankies, first edition autographed tomes, money clips, golf clubs, cuff links, love letters, property deeds, picture frames, etc.  But none of these ideas has really lit our fires, so I’m turning to you, dear reader(s)…

What do you recommend I give Andrew?

And what do you recommend he give to me?

Yours in cluelessness and too many to dos,


TheKnot.Com is Trying to Intimidate Me

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As you may have guessed, I’m not what you might call’s biggest fan.  Earlier this month I shared my suspicion that the sneaky website was trying to finagle an invite to my nuptials – today, I’m certain that’s what they wanted.  And since I so rudely rebuffed their trickery and campaign of guilt to secure one of our coveted invites, has decided to engage me with intimidation tactics.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this email:

Don't threaten me,!

Yeah. is trying to intimidate me.  “Sarah, here are all the things you will do wrong without us… You know you need us… Look at all the areas you could totally destroy at your big day by forsaking us… There’s still time… LOVE US!”

Well,, I’m stronger than you think I am.  I’m not afraid of a little imperfection at my reception.  And I won’t succumb to Bridezilla-tendencies.  I’m not afraid of being a Bad BrideAgain.   


Restraining Order for a Website?

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Speaking of creepy interwebs stuff, I would like to point out the stalkerishness of  I’ve already shared their cheese-free wedding ideas (still gives my bloggier half and my future hubs nightmares), but lately, they’ve been taking things even further, and it’s making me uncomfortable. 

For example, I recently received the following email from their team:

You're getting married? Can I come? Can I join you? Will you invite me?

That’s right, is harassing me about when I’m getting hitched.  No more Mr. Nice Website: it wants to know if October 10, 2010 is still the big day, and it wants to know now.  It’s probably just worried that I won’t send an invitation, that it won’t be an honored guest at our nuptials.  And you know what? right to worry.  I’m not inviting it to our wedding.  And I resent their sneaky information hunt! 

So if this cunning website inquires if you, dear reader(s), know when I’m planning to make an honest man out of Andrew, please don’t share that information.  The last thing we need is a rude website crashing our wedding and getting’ all up in my dance space!     


A Couture Fairy Tale

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Long ago in a kingdom far away, there was a terrible era referred to as The Dark Ages of Big White Dress Anxiety (also known as DABWDA). I’m sure you’ve heard tell of the horrors of the DABWDA era and are thankful to live in our current age of non-scary gowns and excited wedding planning. I know I am! 

Anyway, during DABWDA, an insecure princess named Sarah relied on her trusted friend, Princess Arpil of Rochester, for comfort, reassurance and style advice. HRH Sarah shared her anxiety with HM Arpil and, being a particularly helpful royal, Princess Arps took it upon herself to design the most beautiful gown in all the land for her petrified pal. 

Historians the world over describe the gown’s splendor and designers throughout the ages admit they have never seen – or even been able to imagine – the dress’ equal. And so I’m pleased to announce one of the most important discoveries in our couture-obsessed world: archaeologists* recently stumbled upon Princess Arpil’s original design and we have the honor of revealing it here on Factinis & Factomelettes

Wedding Dress Humor

Princess Arpil's design - couture at its best!


Now if only we could find a seamstress talented enough to recreate this gown for 10/10/10… I guess I’ll just have to settle for the one we already bought 😉 

~ Sarah 

P.S. Aren’t the fingers in this sketch awesome?! 

*In other words, I was cleaning out my desk drawer and stumbled upon this gem of a sketch from before Arpil left Boston

Jinxing Myself?

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I’m actually feeling pretty good about the state of my wedding planning (thanks in no small part to my superwoman of a mom and honorable maid of honor! Oh, and my handsome groom, too…). We have a banquet hall, an officiant (a deeelightful, dare-I-say-dreamy fella), a florist, a DJ, a yummy cake and stupendous party food (including an appropriate amount of cheese), a white dress (it’s ordered, though not in my possession, and I say that counts), a photographer, and invitations (again, ordered counts in my world).  

I know we still need to secure bridesmaids dresses, grooms and groomsmen’s attire, favors and other random accessories (shoes, veil, hair-do, the old, the borrowed and the blue, etc.), but I’m feeling good about our progress!  

Oh, you always know my worst fears! Note to self: buy cashews...


And yet, as I write this I have a semi-irrational fear that I’m about to jinx it; that there is some huge part of this process I’ve forgotten about. So I’m turning to you, dear reader(s): what am I missing? Where did you have unexpected hiccups…or speed bumps…or even full-on roadblocks? 

I love advice, happy stories, planning help… and even the occasional horror story (if I’m confident it won’t happen to me). Spill it, dear reader(s)! 


Diet Update: Gluttony Ahead!

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It has been 3.5 months since we started our healthy eating initiative, and it hasn’t been easy.  April and I have bravely faced hallucinations, crumb cravings and oat incidents, we’ve eaten a few too many helpings of humble pie, dreamed of mythical nourishment and even researched alternative eating plans.  And despite all these obstacles, we persevere in the name of becoming a slender bride (yours truly) and a healthy mommy (Arpil).     

I started today with a bowl of rabbit food (aka Fiber One) and banana for breakfast.  It was boring, fibertastic and completely uninspiring.  And with 125 days left until my nuptials, I’m looking at a many more blasé breakfasts… so I decided that it’s time to start focusing on something that will make me VERY happy: gluttony.  

This is just the start... October 11, 2010, here I come!


In 126 days, I plan to enjoy all the foods I miss in whatever quantity I can hold in my ever-shrinking stomach!  My first thoughts were about chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, nachos, ice cream, cheeseburgers, milkshakes, pizza and biscuits.  My next thoughts were… no, I’m sorry, I’m still stuck on those foods.  Mmmmm…    

What, dear reader(s), would you enjoy on your first day of off-diet-gluttony… errr, I mean marriage? 


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