Confessions of a New Mom, Part Deux: Mom of the Year

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There is one more important lesson I’ve learned over the past “trimester” which I didn’t include it in Part One because, in my opinion, it’s so important, it deserves its own section.

Say this ALOUD with me:

You are a wonderful mom! 

Even if you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing, or you’re not following every piece of advice to the letter (because let’s face it, there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there, and there’s a lot of advice that’s not “real world friendly,” too), you are a wonderful mom.

True story!

True story!

Nap in bed with your newborn because that’s the only way she’ll sleep?  You’re a wonderful mom (with a well-rested baby)! 

Can’t remember those lullabies and baby songs from your childhood, so you sing ‘80s Monster Ballads to your little one?  You’re a wonderful mom (with a nice set of pipes).  

Using the bottle instead of the breast?  You’re a wonderful mom (with a well-nourished kiddo). 

Body not bouncing back at celebrity-speed because you’re prioritizing your kid over four hours a day in the gym?  You’re a wonderful (and beautiful) mom. 

Break down in sobs when you can’t stop your baby’s tears?  You’re a wonderful (and empathetic) mom. 

Don’t even realize that you’re covered in spit-up when you leave the house?  You’re a wonderful mom (with this season’s hottest new accessory ;)). 

We all do things that make us feel like we’re not “mom of the year,” but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few months, it’s that if you’re doing the best you can for your kid, you ARE mom of the year to that little one.  So keep up the good work!  And go easy on yourself, momma.

* Provided you aren’t endangering or harming your child, of course.  Duh!

Feeling like you're not the best mom in the world?  At least you aren't taking your baby tanning!!  This really happened...

Feeling like you’re not the best mom in the world? At least you aren’t taking your baby tanning!! This really happened…

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